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My Girlfriend's Mom Has Alzheimer's: How We Cope

His girlfriend's mother had Alzheimer's; visiting her allowed him to comfort them both. "When Anne first asked me to join her on one of her weekly visits I agreed, thinking that we would pop in and say "Hi" to a confused old woman, chat for a few minutes and be on our way. Instead, I witnessed the change in the relationship between parent and child."

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The New Way To Have It All: First Baby, Then Love

The past 25 years have left women's plates increasingly—some might argue, precariously—overloaded, as they try to keep healthy portions of career, love and family. In her upcoming new book, "In Her Own Sweet Time: Unexpected Adventures In Finding Love, Commitment, And Motherhood," New York City journalist Rachel Lehmann-Haupt explores the expanding buffet of choices that exist for women hoping to "have it all" today.

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I Was A Groomzilla: Advice From The Trenches

Groomzilla doesn't get the same press as his twin sister, Bridezilla. In fact, some people still don't know he exists. But believe me, he's out there. According to Bridal Guide magazine, an astounding 80 percent of grooms are now full planning partners in their weddings. And the results are unsettling. An excerpt from Surviving Groomzilla: A Bride's Guide, by Craig Bridger.

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My Son And I Are Dating My Boyfriend

Would Andy think Jake was as perfect as I did? Perfect manners. Perfect behavior. Perfect attitude. Jake had just turned three. He was a sweet kid, affectionate and kind—but perfect manners? Who was I kidding? It wasn't as if "thank you" was exactly a recognized word in his vocabulary.

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What I Learned From Being A Stay-At-Home Dad

A former three-sport athlete becomes a full-time father when he loses his job and becomes a stay-at-home dad. At first he doesn't know what he's doing and feels isolated from his friends, but it gets better. Spending time with his kids helps him communicate with his wife, he meets a new set of men who are also dads and he becomes and expert diaper-changer. "Being a househusband put this ex-sports jock in his place and showed me what it truly means to be someone's hero."

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Why Being A Newlywed Stinks

Post-wedding depression is real, says one newlywed, who was surprised by the just-married blues. "The first year of marriage is the hardest, I’d been told many times by my friends. While I wasn’t sure if I was prepared for the uncertain road that lay ahead, I certainly felt like I’d gotten fair warning and couldn’t expect to be surprised by the challenges that would come once I entered marriage. But there were some other parts of newlywed life that bummed me out, stuff that I never thought would have mattered to me ... until it did.


Do You Need A Love Contract?

Only Madonna, Ritchie, a marriage therapist (and perhaps a therapist's nosy administrative assistant) will ever know whether the former couple really drew up a "love pact." But it does perk our interest. Should we all have one of these? Are they only for the rich and famous? With the right guidelines, can they improve—and in some cases—save a marriage?

My Guy Friends Helped Me Through My Breakup

My Guy Friends Helped Me Through My Breakup

When you're getting over a breakup you friends support you with support and ice cream—usually it's your female friends who come to the rescue. But after breaking up with her fiancé, one woman realizes how helpful and understanding her guy friends can be. "When the s**t hit the fan with the ex, I immediately called three people—two close girl friends and my mom. For a long time, they were the only people I told and certainly the only people I leaned on for support. And they were amazing, in so many ways. But as more people in my life started to find out, I was utterly stupified by how hugely compassionate and kind all of them were, but especially my male friends."

2 Types Of Flirts: Which Are You?

2 Types Of Flirts: Which Are You?

Some people are non-stop flirts: they flirt with everyone, even people they don't like. In this essay Rachel Kramer Bussel describes flirting for sport, flirting signs, and decides that it's OK to flirt with everyone: "It isn’t always about the flirtee’s reaction, but what the flirter gets out of it."

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The Un-Monster-in-Law

After the birth of her daughter, one woman learns how to come to terms with her mother-in-law: "With the birth of my daughter came the clarity to see why I rebuffed her: I did not want my mother-in-law to replace my mother. That hole in my heart was purposefully empty, a placeholder for the mother I couldn't have. My immature behavior was stuck back in my 23-year-old mind, the one that lost her parent far too young… It took gaining a daughter to find a mother—not the one I was originally given, but a supportive, giving parental figure nonetheless."

Learn To Love The Prenup

Learn To Love The Prenup

It sounds unromantic, but more and more women have stopped worrying and learned to love the prenup. Not only can a prenuptial agreement protect you from the unthinkable, Corinne Asturias reports, it can tell you all about the person you are planning to marry. " We know that, in the U.S., half of all marriages will end in divorce. We know that none of those newlywed couples beaming with promise from the wedding pages dream a split is in their future. We know that when things go awry in an intimate relationship, they can go from harrowing to hideous, overnight. And we know that under the cold, steely gaze of the law, fairness can be reduced to a fairy tale. And yet, when one person in the relationship brings up the notion of a prenuptial agreement, it's like offering up a shot of ipecac even though there's no poison in sight."

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"Here's lookin' at you, kid."

10 Greatest Love Stories Of All Time

From tear-jerkers to the warm fuzzies, the New York Public Library shares with YourTango their top 10 picks for the greatest love stories of all time. They can melt your heart, make you laugh and leave you longing for a Kleenex.

Rise of the Anti-Bride

Rise of the Anti-Bride

Every girl supposedly dreams of her fairytale wedding. It turns out that the fantasy of a pouffy white dress, dramatic walk down the aisle, and a dozen bridesmaids in Vera Wang may actually be the dream of the bridal industry, which is profiting off all the chocolate fountains, personalized water bottles, and unity candles it can convince a budding Bridezilla to buy. Rebecca Mead, author of "One Perfect Day," (an exposé of the wedding industry,) blames wedding magazines and websites for the tremendous pressure to conform to what a wedding is supposed to be. Here, we get tips from three brides didn't conform, instead managing to escape the clutches of the bridal industrial complex and have truly personal weddings. Whether you're looking to spend big bucks or small, dress in white or go green, invite many or few, you'll find you can plan a wedding that represents your relationship, not the wedding industry!

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The Pros And Cons of Marrying Young

Today, the majority of couples getting married are older and already out of college. However, many couples still marry young. Couples who marry young face a lot of challenges and benefits not experienced by the older and wiser couples. When you are in college many of your goals, dreams and ambitions haven't been clearly defined. And as the couples grow, they must learn to adapt and change with their spouse. For Katie Thompson growing old with her husband meant growing a part. Katie had to learn how to redefine her marriage after they had both matured into different people. For some couples growing together into different people works. For others, it's a deal breaker.

How To Handle Your Partner's Health Problems

How To Handle Your Partner's Health Problems

When the inevitable finally came, I was home with my daughter and boyfriend. The attack came on fast, but he never panicked. He watched and listened as my daughter administered my life-saving potassium and explained to him to watch for signs that my esophagus and diaphragm were paralyzed, both indicators that a trip to the ER was necessary. I could hear him asking her all kinds of questions, never with a sense of panic in his voice. He knelt at the side of the bed holding my hand, speaking softly and reassuring me that I was doing fine and that he and my daughter had things under control. He stayed there for an hour before I finally started coming around and moving again.