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7 Tips For Happy Holidays With Your Mother-In-Law

Adding a new person to the family, especially a new daughter-in-law, can threaten mom's position as matriarch-in-chief. There won't be friction in every situation, but we've heard enough complaints about getting along with mothers-in-law to know that many of you could use some help in this department. So in the interest of family harmony, here are seven tips for spending the holidays with your new mom.

Top 9 Tips For A Successful Visit With The Family
Top 9 Tips For A Successful Visit With The Family

Top 9 Tips For A Successful Holiday Visit With The Family

"The holidays can be extremely stressful for relationships. There's a lot of pressure with holiday gift giving and meeting your partner's friends and family," says dating coach Julie Spira, and we couldn't agree more. To that end, we've polled the YourTango Experts and pulled together our top nine tips for a successful visit to your partner's family.

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10 Reasons To Date Your Best Guy Friend

You can spend your whole life looking for the man who loves you for who you truly are, knows about your oddest behaviors and still accepts you, or you can pick up your phone and call your best guy friend—because he already is that man. It may be weird to start thinking of him in "that way" but it all comes down to two words: shared history. Need more? Here are ten reasons to help push you over the edge.

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10 Father's Day Gift Ideas

He's the greatest man on earth, the reason you've always had such high standards where men are concerned. He's a protector, provider, and sometimes jokester, and for that there will never be anyone better. Except the father of your own children, who has oddly enough started spouting some of the old familiar "Dad-isms" he swore he'd never say. And so, in celebration of all the dads out there: our favorite dad-speak and what to get the dad who says it.

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7 Surprising Facts About The New American Family

It goes without saying that we no longer live in the time of the Huxtables (much less the Cleavers). But what makes families today different from how they used to be? We decided to investigate. Using facts from census data and recent studies on child-rearing, work, and marriage, we've narrowed down seven qualities that characterize the new American family.

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Why I Chose To Be Unmarried And Childless

I knew when I was 12 that I didn't want children. My mother tells me she distinctly remembers me storming into the house after babysitting the neighbors' kids and announcing angrily, "I'm never getting married and I'm never having kids."

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Dating Disaster: I Kissed My Cousin

Michelle Haimoff shares a hilarious story about being attracted to her Jewish cousin and then going through a night of missteps and humiliation, including a last-minute kiss before Grandma shows up at the door. What's the lesson to be learned? That dating and family definitely don't mix.

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Woman With Daddy Issues Seeks Unavailable Man

My romantic relationships have all followed this same pattern: I am "not enough" for the other person's love. Sometimes I blindly pursue men who blatantly tell me I am not enough. One boyfriend told me I would be really hot if I was five inches taller, ten pounds lighter, had broader shoulders (what?) and was Irish. Still, I stayed with him for 18 months. By unconsciously seeking out unattainable/emotionally unavailable/married or simply not interested men, I can obsessively reenact my father/daughter dynamic in the vain hope that if I can convince said man to love and notice me, then surely my father will notice and love me too.


Valentine's Day Weddings & Proposals (So Cute!)

Love or hate it, Valentine's Day puts the pressure on all of us to step up our game and romance the heck out of our loved ones. Some people go the chocolates and flowers route. Others plan elaborate and sensuous meals. Still others look to the big day as an excuse to escape on a romantic getaway. But try living up to these couples: Some of them got engaged on Valentine's Day, and still others had their actual weddings on February 14. So was it the lovey-dovey, fairytale event they'd always dreamed of? And how do they top such a thing years later? We asked couples who took VDay to the next level about their experiences.

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How To Help A Partner Grieve

What do you say to your significant other when they lose (or know they could lose) a close friend or relative? And how do you help them regain their footing after the loss? Everyone experiences grief differently, but here are a few things to remember.

My Uterus, Husband, and I Agree—No Children

My Uterus, Husband, and I Agree—No Children

I am a woman. I have all the biological requirements to have a child. Yet, I do not have the instincts or rational desire to do so. Does that make me less of a woman to not want to have a child either by using my body, my eggs, or my money to adopt?

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Friend Or Boyfriend? Moving Past The In-Between

You know that guy, the one who's not really your boyfriend, but isn't just a friend either? The one you hope will turn into something eventually, but who's dragging his feet when it comes to making a move? If the answer is yes, you're stuck in a fromance, and it's time to get out and move on. Here's how.

Will The Government Make You Take His Last Name?

Will The Government Make You Take His Last Name?

Seventy percent of Americans think it's beneficial for women to take her husband's last name when they marry, while half say the government should require women to change their names when they marry, according to a new study by researchers from Indiana University and the University of Utah. But it's dangerous to buy these headlines hook, line, and sinker. Before you schedule your move to Canada, let's get one thing straight: Academic research on the topic of married names is limited, but it points to increasing use of and positive perceptions of nontraditional last names, NOT to scary scenarios like government mandated married names.