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What Is Love Without Loyalty? Why Devotion Trumps Passion

Is loyalty love's friend or its enemy? Does love bring us together or rip us apart? We face what Love in the Western World author Denis De Rougemont called "the passion-fidelity dilemma." We want love that lasts, but we also want passionate intensity, and we suspect that we will at some point have to choose which love is worth having, the epic but brief romance, or the companionship that goes the distance. We suspect that passion is like ripe peaches -- short-lived, but much to be preferred over fruit canned in cloying syrup. Love isn't shelf-stable.

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My Husband Cooks And I Watch Sports: Our Untraditional Marriage

Tonight I got off work and did a bit of grocery shopping with the family. Then we came home and I proceeded to sit on the couch, eat bean dip and watch the Heat play while my husband made dinner. Is it a little bit of role reversal? Maybe. But the thing is, in our house and in our marriage, traditional gender roles—mom and dad, man and woman—mean almost nothing. My husband does a lot of the housework, he does most of the cooking and he takes care of the boy when I'm at meetings or working late. And we are remarkably happy with this arrangement.

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The Couple That Plays Together, Stays Together

Strengthen your bond by scheduling some playtime into your relationships. Marriage expert Lauri Puhn, J.D., authoer of Fight Less, Love More, Glo's Relationships editor Natasha Burton and writer Brett Smiley analyze some fun activities you can try as a couple.

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Romance Rut? 10 Ways To Get Your Marriage Back On Track

"Many people think that marriage is about marrying the right person," says Alisa Bowman, author of Project: Happily Ever After. "Although you do want to marry someone you are basically compatible with, marriage has a lot less to do with marrying the right person than it has to do with doing the right things with the person you married." These tips will rehab your romance.

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The New Age Of Relationships: Sex, Love And Attraction In 2011

What attracts you to someone when you first meet them? What keeps the passion alive in a relationship? How do turn-ons change over time? These were some of the questions on a recent survey conducted by YourTango, and Over 20,000 people took the survey and the results were analyzed by Dr. Helen Fisher, a biological anthropologist and author of numerous influential books on love. You can see all the results at Here, we talk with Dr. Fisher about sex, love and the new age of relationships.

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10 Things You Can Learn From Marriage Studies

While you can glean advice from studies about relationships, it’s not one-size-fits-all, says Sherry Amatenstein, a marriage therapist and author of The Complete Marriage Counselor: Relationship-Saving Advice from America's Top 50+ Couples Therapists. However, if a bit of research resonates with you, there are commonsense ways you can apply the message.

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Military Spouse Day: 10 Reasons It's Great To Be A Military Wife

I spoke to the coolest (former) Army wife ever. Her husband is a West Point graduate, a Ranger, a Harvard MBA and a great all-around guy. He was deployed in Iraq during the middle of the last decade. While she may not have had the exact same experience as most Army wives, I'm sure it was more similar than it was different. We're not trying to downplay the stresses, especially while pregnant during a deployment, but we'd like to point out there are some real perks to being married to a soldier, sailor, airman or marine.

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6 Things You Should Know About Black Marriage

March 27 is Black Marriage Day. But what's race got to do with it? If you're wondering why you haven't heard of Hispanic Marriage Day or Asian Marriage Day or Native American Marriage Day—you get my drift—it's because they don't exist.

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The 6 Biggest Tax Mistakes Couples Make

As if relationships weren't complicated enough, we're forced to add math, paperwork and the IRS into the mix this time of year. It almost makes us want to take our chances and hide from Uncle Sam on a tropical beach somewhere. But before plotting your own escape, consider these six big tax mistakes that couples make—and how to avoid them.

Should Premarital Counseling Be A Marriage Requirement?

Should Premarital Counseling Be A Marriage Requirement?

Before Prince William and Kate Middleton tie the knot—something we've been waiting for nearly as long as Kate has—they have to participate in several marriage preparation sessions with the priests who will be involved in their wedding ceremony. The media has seized upon this fact, mostly because of Prince Charles's and Princess Diana's divorce but, in truth, this isn't anything out of the ordinary. In fact, in some faiths, it's a requirement. Are church and state wrong to be butting in on our marriage plans? Or should premarital counseling be something all couples participate in?

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Survey: What Do You Think About Premarital Counseling?

In December we learned that Prince William and Kate Middleton are getting premarital counseling, which got us to wondering: How common is premarital counseling? Does it work? Are people generally in favor of it, or not? Take our survey below and let us know what you think!

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Your Crush Vs Your Ex: Who's Your Astrological Match?

Not ready to give your former fling the boot? Unsure if your new cutie is meant to be? Relax, and let Moonit take the guesswork out of the decision. Simply gather up your crush and your ex's birthdates and put them into the love calculator. You're just a few clicks away from finding out which one is your match made in heaven. You need a Frames Capable browser to view this content.

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The 50 Best Marriage Tips, Ever

It's National Marriage Week! To celebrate we've asked 50 YourTango Experts to share their best marriage advice. Here, then, are what may well be the 50 best marriage tips ever.

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How To Help Your Partner Keep His New Year's Resolutions

If you and your sweetheart is like most people, you both start the New Year filled with resolve to live better, only to have your strength melt into a little puddle at the first faint whiff of a doughnut. Good news: if you're in a romantic relationship, you've got someone in your corner. Follow this advice, and watch your resolutions go from impossible to totally doable right before your eyes.

"My Husband Proposed To Me At Santacon"
"My Husband Proposed To Me At Santacon"

"My Husband Proposed To Me At Santacon"

Our relationship had never been boring. After meeting on Friendster two years earlier, I immediately began dragging him along to a series of Moroccan restaurants, dive bars, and techno clubs I was reviewing for a nightlife guide. Now, he was standing beside me, wearing a full Santa suit, clutching a hat and fake beard in his fist, and staring pointedly at his spat-clad sneakers. This time, we were trying out Santacon, an annual dawn-to-dark mass gathering that celebrated spontaneity, ingenuity, and riotous holiday cheer. What more could you ask for?