Love: 10 Secrets Of Successful Couples
One secret to lasting love? The 60/40 rule.

Top 10 Secrets Of Highly Successful Couples

Over lunch with a friend one day, Kevin was asked about the "secret of your obviously happy and healthy love relationship." Kevin's response wasn't short, it wasn't simple, but it rang true. So what do happy, long-lasting couples like Kevin and his wife know about long-term love that many of us don't? These 10 secrets of highly successful couples.

commitment, husband
Do you take your marriage for granted?

A Message From My Husband That Shook Me To The Core

My husband came home from work one day and handed me a book about improving our marriage. "Am I really that bad?" I asked, looking down at the book as my lips began to quiver and mascara ran down my cheeks. Without hesitation, he replied, "Yes." I realized that passing the book to me was his cry for help. Maybe the last one he'd deliver. I suddenly felt sad, scared and very, very sorry.

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Welcome to the marriage club.

Face It: No One Will Treat You Like An Adult Until You're Married

Like most women who are single well into their 20s, I felt pressured by girlfriends who insisted, "Everyone wants to get married" and, "You’re just saying you don’t care because you haven’t been proposed to yet." Then it happened: Andy and I became engaged. Not only did I get a beautiful ring and a partner for life, but I also got a serious status upgrade. Society sees marriage as the ultimate maturity gauge — for better or for worse.

open relationship
Would you consider polyamory?

How Sleeping Around Saved My Relationship

On the verge of a breakup, Catherine and her boyfriend decided to give an open relationship a try. Here, she explains the logistics of hooking up with her boyfriend’s blessing (is cuddling allowed?), and how their unusual arrangement has cemented their bond as a couple.

gay wedding
Will the brides wear white?

I'm Gay — So Can I Have A Traditional Wedding Anyway?

I was never one of those little girls who dreamed of her wedding day. In fact, I've only vaguely considered it. I know I want an elegant, traditional ceremony. I imagine my future wife in a white dress, bouquets of lilies and guests celebrating the most important day of our lives. My hope of a traditional wedding, however, ends there. There’s no such thing as a traditional gay wedding ... not yet, anyway.

pizza date
Our relationship started at Pizza Hut, back in high school.

Foodies In Love: How We Went From Pizza To An Engagement Ring

I was 14 years old, and to be honest, back then I was more concerned with my grades at school and the newest Justin Timberlake CD than boys. He was in the same class as me and a typical awkward teen boy: shy, had braces, but cute in that dorky sort of way. Growing up in the same neighborhood, Alex and I used to walk the same route home from school every day. After he sheepishly asked me out one day, I reluctantly said okay.

cheap date ideas for special occasions
A romantic date night doesn't have to cost a lot.

9 Ways To Celebrate A Special Occasion On The Cheap [PHOTOS]

Since we often think of celebration as synonymous with splurging, celebrating a special occasion without spending a ton of money can be a challenge. Here are nine ideas to help you plan a romantic date night that doesn't break the bank.

apple pie a la mode
Wouldn't YOU marry the person who baked this pie?

The Pie That Got Me Married

My husband and I come from different worlds. He comes from solid Midwestern stock. They repress their feelings, eat casserole and play baseball. My family? We're a mess of anxiety disorders, we listen to Gilbert and Sullivan and our favorite sport is Chinese Checkers. So, the moment Dave proposed, and I said "yes," I knew I had to do something.

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Sometimes it's hard to go for the healthy option.

I'm On A Diet, My Boyfriend Loves Bacon: How We Deal

In January of this year, I began my love affair with vegetables. It started as a weight-loss mission; I was overweight and looking to dig myself out of the hole of shame that extra helpings of spaghetti and pints of ice cream had buried me in. I lost about 30 pounds. Then, as April came to a close, I began another love affair...

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The activity that 84 percent of couples say improves their relationship? Road trips!

Want To Improve Your Relationship? Survey Reveals A Surprising Rx

Taking a road trip with your significant other? Chances are good the time together will improve your relationship. In fact, 91 percent of couples have taken road trips together, and 84 percent agree the experience has strengthened their relationship, according to a new survey of more than 1,000 people released by YourTango collaborating with Ford Motor Company.

barack and michelle obama hug at dnc
The President and First Lady embrace onstage at the 2012 Democratic National Convention.

How Barack And Michelle Obama Restored My Faith In Marriage

Talk is cheap, which is why political speeches have never really been appealing to me. However, Michelle Obama's speech during the Democratic National Convention really got me thinking. Not so much about taxes, health reform and the election, but about love. So here, I declare my radical political stance: Barack and Michelle have my dream relationship.

Who Should Be The Priority: Your Husband Or Your Child?
Who comes first in your household?

Who Should Be The Priority: Your Husband Or Your Child?

A survey of counseling professionals from—the digital leader in love and relationships—offers surprising insights into the romantic relationships of couples with kids. Shockingly, the survey reveals that half of experts polled agree: wives should prioritize their husbands over their kids!