how to know if he loves you

10 Signs He's Smitten

Love. The definition is much-debated, and the reality varies, depending upon where you are in your relationship. For example, love when you're walking down the aisle to exchange your "I Dos" is pretty different from the love you share when you're celebrating your hard-won, 50-year anniversary. The thing is, many of us aren't even close to the proposal phase, let alone wedding or golden anniversary. What we want to know is: Does he like me? Does he really like me? Here's how to tell he's smitten.


The Best Of The Web: Guys, Dating & More

Some friends are no good for your dating life. How to score with all 24 types of women. What happens when Mr. Perfect is a snoozer in the sack? It's said that women do crazy things for love too. Guys, it appears, have thoughts on ladies' pubic hair. Are you addicted to love? Would you date a bloke with long hair? What's with guys with ponytails? How are cellphones, online porn and mediocre sex related? Sometimes a guy in Louisiana doesn't want to marry interracial couples. Tall dudes get good-looking ladies. We all change when we get into a relationship. And Tina Fey was a late bloomer.

captain underpants

The Web's Best: Virgins, His Underpants & More

Saving it for marriage. What a guys underpants say about him. Sperm and the aging process. How to get him to call. What is a cry-max, do you do it? Signs you're dating a loser. Can an on-screen romance really be all business? Being a single mom in South Korea. Sleeping with the boss and accepting Letterman's apology. And removing "with benefits" from friends with benefits.

Inside The National Cougar Convention

Inside The National Cougar Convention

When Courteney Cox is banking her post-Friends career on a show titled Cougar Town, you know the trend of older women dating younger men has reached its tipping point. The term cougar isn't just a punchline anymore. And why should it be? As Demi Moore might say, "what's wrong with women asserting their sexual needs and romantic desires with younger partners?"

thinking vs feeling

In Relationships, Are You A Thinker Or A Feeler?

Thinking vs feeling. What's your approach to relationships? "As the couple was about to enter the party, Mary stopped, turned to her fiancé and asked, "Do you think what I’m wearing is okay?" Dave gave her an appraising look and said, "You look great. But you probably could have worn different shoes." (Insert collective gasp here.) Mary took a moment to recover from her disbelief and then said, "Are you having a 'T' moment?" Dave thought about it then nodded his head and said, "Yes, I'm sorry. You look wonderful." So, what’s a "T" moment? What are these magic words that can stop a bad conversation dead in its tracks?"

rebound relationships

Rebound Relationships: A Man's Approach

Women are the traditional consumers of self-help books, but guys need advice too. And what better way to find out what goes on inside his head than to read dating advice written by and for men? (Some might say you could ask him, but where's the fun in that?) In this spirit we bring you this piece by men's lifestyle expert, Oliver "Ali" Nejad, who fills you in on how men approach rebound relationships.

Toilet seat

A Marriage Battleground: The Toilet Seat

Men think they are 100% straight shooters. Even if we want to believe that the majority of men have perfect aim (which is NOT true), it's clear that most haven't made the quantum leap necessary to understand the difference between a latrine—which is, by definition, a toilet used only by men—and a bathroom that's in one's home, to be used by everyone who lives in the house, as well as by any visitor. Whether men agree with the following statement or not, nothing can change the reality of it: Leaving the toilet seat up is a clear statement of control and power.

male infertility

Adoption Or IVF: Do We Have To Decide?

We had been married for eight years. We had been trying to get pregnant for six of those years and between IVF and ICSI had gone through five fertility cycles. We knew we could get pregnant but we didn't know if we could stay pregnant. We had spent over $200,000, and all we had to show for it was a glossy photo of four egg cells. That photo still sits in the drawer of the night table besides out bed, buried there. We're unable to look at it—or dispose of it. Other friends who were on the IVF merry-go-round and got pregnant, had their children. Some had their second child while we waited and tried again. Every couple who had a child swore by their doctor, their method, their technique—success was its own affirmation.

male infertility

Desperate To Have A Baby, We Tried Everything

Amy had been referred to a Beverly Hills fertility doctor, who was so reassuring that I took him to calling him Dr. Mellow. His office had a wall of photos of smiling babies, as if to say, "This will be you." We sat in his waiting room holding hands. We believed. We didn't know we had just taken our seats inside the Hope Factory. Once inside, the possibility of getting pregnant never ended. If one technique failed, you tried another, and kept trying. There seemed to be an infinite supply of hope.

Fixing My Male Infertility

Fixing My Male Infertility

Without referring you to the many, many, medical sites, books and journals I immediately consulted on the subject, there is some belief that a certain vein that traverses one or both testicles can, in one way or another, affect the quality of sperm production. Operating on it may, or may not, improve sperm quality. In my case, a double varocelectomy was recommended.

My Wife Is My Boss: An Entrepreneur Couple's Tale

My Wife Is My Boss: An Entrepreneur Couple's Tale

After 12 years of living together, my wife and I knew well how to work together on things like double dates, shopping trips, and planning and executing killer vacations. Why should it have surprised me, then, that we quickly figured out how to work well together on work? In fact, we make a great team, and we can communicate quickly and clearly with complete trust, always knowing that we're both working towards the same goal. I'd assumed that more than a decade of living together would make us terrible co-workers. In fact, that decade of living together was training us for professional success together.

father daughter dating marriage

I Hope My Daughter Marries... Someone Like Me?

A father imagines his daughter's future boyfriends. "My elder daughter, who's 12, is just beginning to show an interest in boys, and since it's every man's dream to have his little princess marry a guy just like her father, I'm trying to craft a personal ad to attract the ideal candidate. Though my daughter's dating debut is 10 years down the line (at least), I find that I have a problem: I am horrified by the man I envision her with. Because, in reality, who the heck would date me? Then again, the kid could do worse..."

groomzilla wedding engaged

I Was A Groomzilla: Advice From The Trenches

Groomzilla doesn't get the same press as his twin sister, Bridezilla. In fact, some people still don't know he exists. But believe me, he's out there. According to Bridal Guide magazine, an astounding 80 percent of grooms are now full planning partners in their weddings. And the results are unsettling. An excerpt from Surviving Groomzilla: A Bride's Guide, by Craig Bridger.