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Top 10 Love, Dating & Marriage Trends Of The 00s

It's hard, in the midst of things, to see our romantic interactions and feelings as mere trends. But our love lives and how we conduct them are, like everything else, conditioned in part by the time in which we live. Here are the top 10 love and relationship trends of the decade.

single at christmas and new years eve

Why It's Better To Be Single During The Holidays

Another year. Another holiday season single. While it may be tempting to refill your eggnog, bake an extra batch of fudge and stock up on elastic pants, being alone need not be that dour. Flying solo when the calendar reaches November and letting that single status bleed into the New Year is truly, and honestly, a blessing.

fear love

Is Fear Preventing You From Finding Love?

If you can't seem to find someone, or can't get a quality relationship to last, you may be experiencing invisible barriers that prevent you from finding the right love. The first step to overcoming these barriers is understanding them. We're here to help.

dating with a disability

Diary Of A Disabled Woman Seeking Love

Dating is hard enough for a nerdy, bespectacled, 24-year-old without adding permanent deficiencies like cerebral palsy to the mix. I can never decide if the best time to confess that I don't drive is after the first round of "getting-to-know-you" drinks or on the third "I-think-I-like-you" dinner.

dating with disease

8 Tips For Telling Your Partner A Health Secret

Dating someone new means learning about each other's quirky behaviors, emotional baggage, and the past experiences that have shaped both of your lives. But what if this involves a health or medical secret you're hesitant to talk about?

dating and technology

5 Dating And Technology Rules You Need To Know

Technology has fundamentally changed the way we seek, nurture, and experience intimacy. Beyond the coy status updates, drunken emails and occasional sexting, we find soulmates on dating sites, we fight over IM, make up over email, then go on Facebook to announce to the world our renewed devotion. Gadgets make our love lives better, but they also enable mixed messages, vague sentiments and other bits of intentional or unintentional confusion.

vampire dating

How To Date A (Real-Life) Vampire

These days, it seems, everyone wants to bed a vampire. Their combination of unearthly beauty, perfect chivalry and dangerous nature make them irresistible to women. True Blood's Bill Compton and Twilight's Edward Cullen are the stuff of fiction, however there is, in fact, a community of people who identify as vampires. So what's it like to date a real-life vampire? YourTango investigates.

are cities making us single?

Are You Single Because Of Where You Live?

Single adulthood used to be a brief moment between adolescence and marriage; however today, according to one study, the median age of a first marriage is rising for both men and women, and singles make up 41 percent of American adults 18 and over. In places like New York City, Miami, or LA, singles reign and thousands of ambitious, good-looking men and women flock to the scene aiming to work hard and party even harder. But many of these singles aren't prioritizing relationships and commitment and can have a hard time finding a partner once they decide they want one. Why are so many people having difficulties finding the one?

Oui, Y’all: Why Accents Are So Attractive

Oui, Y’all: Why Accents Are So Attractive

Why is it that some accents attract us, while others grate like nails on a chalkboard? Our inclinations toward certain accents are psychological and cultural, rather than physiological, says Susan Tamasi, a sociolinguist at Emory University. A romp with someone with an accent feels like taking a walk on the wild side—a mini-vacation without having to leave our bedroom. It's not the boy next door—his accent tells you that much.

Inside The National Cougar Convention

Inside The National Cougar Convention

When Courteney Cox is banking her post-Friends career on a show titled Cougar Town, you know the trend of older women dating younger men has reached its tipping point. The term cougar isn't just a punchline anymore. And why should it be? As Demi Moore might say, "what's wrong with women asserting their sexual needs and romantic desires with younger partners?"

dating bisexual woman

The Trouble With Dating As A Bisexual Woman

Some lesbians don't want to date anyone who has been near a penis. Ever. Girls who have always been gay and nothing else carry it like a badge of honor. And, frankly, I'm jealous of them. I wish it was that easy for me to figure it out. But it wasn't.