humiliated alien
This guy is glad the alien overlords are here for him.

Dating Disaster: He Was Just Waiting For The Aliens To Take Him

Before we get into this story, I want to make clear that I think Henry is one of the most solid names a parent can give their son. It is perhaps my favorite name for a man, and I hope to meet more people named Henry. Just not more people like this Henry.

don't date this pimp
You'd think a pimp wouldn't use online dating.

Dating Disaster: Are You A "Businessman" Or A Pimp?

I have to be honest from the beginning and tell you that online dating has worked wonderfully for me. Eventually, I met my husband on one of these websites, but my way to heaven was paved with little demons. Actually, anyone who has ever tried online dating knows what a jungle you find out there.

Lady with a wiener dog
That's some wiener you got there, lady.

Dating Disaster: I Will Not Sleep With Your Dog

It turns out that this really awesome, good-looking chick had a single flaw: the guy who liked her was not a big fan of dogs. Unfortunately, he got over his distaste for dogs around the time she decided she wasn't into him. That's just how it goes.

secretive man
Don't share his secret.

Dating Disaster: He Was A Jerk With A Wife

The first date was good, if uneventful. But things started getting weird on the second date. Talk about abortion, the opposite of generosity, a phone call taken and, oh, he was married.

garbage dumpsters
"I like 'dirty' guys, but an actual aversion to bathing is not OK."

Dating Disaster: He Smelled Like Hot Garbage

I have a type: the scruffy, sensitive man's man. A yoga epiphany about meeting this guy came through when I met Josh. After our first date, things were great. But two minutes into date number two, I realized I had a problem. Rather, Josh had a problem: he smelled really bad.

Dating Disaster: Two Girls, One Seaman
He was in the Navy, she was having fun.

Dating Disaster: Two Girls, One Seaman

To most young men, the worst dating disaster is when you can't get any dates at all. However, mine had to be at least as traumatic. I had dates with two different young women for one New Year's Eve celebration.

woman with basketball
She totally looks like she would school you at sports knowledge, right?

I'm A Female Sports Fan—Why Is This A Turn-Off?

My female friends always think my mad love of sports will consistently win the hearts of guys the world over. For some reason, they believe this is the magical key that will make men utter, "Marry me" on the first date. Ha. They're always in for a surprise when I tell them negative reactions usually ensue.

that ump is blind
It's not my fault the umpire has poor eyesight, is it?

Dating Disaster: The Baseball Heckler

I love baseball and when this handsome, successful guy asked me to a game I was thrilled. But a few beers and bad calls later, I was all over the umpire like white on rice. He did not take kindly to my abuse of the officials.

couple in love
Can't stay away from each other? Sounds like love!

5 Signs You're In Love

Your heart beats faster. You can hear your blood pulsing in your veins. Every time he even looks at you, you feel a burst of energy. Could it be? Are you in love?

Dating Disaster: Yeah, The Crying Means He's Still Into His Ex
He wants her back.

Dating Disaster: Yeah, The Crying Means He's Still Into His Ex

I was with my mum in the mall, when my mum wanted to go to the toilet, so I walked her there and waited outside. This guy came up to me and asked me if he could use my cell phone to call him own phone to check if it was working. Of course, I saw past that excuse and didn't hesitate as he was incredibly good-looking.

not a double date
Not everyone is gay in this picture.

Dating Disaster: He Wasn't Gay And Thought It Was A Double Date

I usually don't go out with a guy I meet online before I see what he looks like. I usually ask to do camera to camera, but this time, I looked like a mess, so I exchanged numbers with one guy and we talked for 10 minutes through the phone. He seemed nice, so we arranged to meet the next day for coffee. We decided to meet in Jabal Amman in front of this nice, old café.