The Biggest Sacrifice I Made For Love
Would you be willing to uproot your life to live with the man you love like one woman did?

The Biggest Sacrifice I Made For Love

From moving far from home to your taking better control of your health, we've rounded up three accounts from real women about what they gave up for amour.

Want The Confidence In Dating To Find Your Dream Man? Freeze Your Eggs!
Egg-freezing: Free yourself of your biological clock and all that dating pressure.

Want The Confidence To Find Your Dream Man? Freeze Your Eggs

After suffering a crushing breakup at age 34, Suzanne worried that she might not meet someone else in time to have kids. Though she never mentioned wanting to have a family with her dates, she couldn't help sizing up every man for his fatherhood potential. If she felt under that much pressure, she reasoned, her dates could sense it too. But as soon as she stashed away 31 eggs in the freezer to give herself more time to find a partner, she felt her anxiety float away.

Summer love
With long days & sultry nights, even adults can't resist that "school's out" feeling.

7 Ways To Turn A Summer Crush Into A Serious Relationship

Summertime and the flirting is easy. With long days and sultry nights, even adults can't resist that carefree "school's out" feeling. In Susan Andersen's "Some Like It Hot", the second book in her Razor Bay series, summer brings new girl Harper Summerville to the idyllic town of Razor Bay, Washington for a seasonal job. But work quickly becomes pleasure when Harper meets Max Bradshaw, the town's sexy deputy sheriff.

hooking up, sex, relationships
Hooking up is a snack, not a meal.

Hook-Up Sex: How Empty Relationships Leave You Malnourished

Kate Taylor's piece in the New York Times, "Sex on Campus: She Can Play That Game Too", caused quite a stir by putting a sexy new slant on hook-up culture: It's women in control, not men, who are driving the trend. But hooking up cannot replace or come close to fulfilling the human need for real connection. It doesn't make us smarter, stronger or more in control to avoid connection and intimacy. It doesn't set us up to be better or happier than the women who came before us. It just sets us up to be disappointed in a different way.

single woman
All the single ladies!

How Love & Heartbreak Led Me To Be (Happily) Single By Choice

As a woman who's been madly, desperately in love before, who has felt like a complete person while giving and receiving love -- and who's been pulverized by love as well -- I got to a place where I thought, "Hey, I really want more of this love stuff?" Regardless of the answer, one thing's for sure: Right now, I'm single on purpose, and that's not always a 'condition' that needs to be cured.

catfished, online dating, con artist
I was catfished, hook, line and sinker.

Gone Catfishin': How I Was Lured By An Online Dating Con Artist

Thanks to sensational programs like MTV's Catfish, we can now — as a society — sit back on our comfy couches and make fun of people who fall prey to online romance schemes. But when you are lied to, stolen from and emotionally ripped off by a stranger at a time in your life when you're most vulnerable, it's far from entertainment.

Can you be a feminist and still be feminine?

'The War On Men': One Feminist's Unlikely Stance

Yesterday, an op-ed on — a publication I do not make a habit of reading — sent the internet into a tailspin. Its conservative author, Susanne Venker, is a woman with whom I’m certain I have next to nothing in common. Venker’s essay was pummeled by Jezebel, Refinery29 and The Awl – three sites I respect thoroughly and read on the regular. When I finally followed the trail back to Venker’s original piece, I fully expected my head to explode from rage. Instead, something worse happened. Something that caused me much distress.

no shave november
Hair, there and everywhere.

"No-Shave November? We Wear Body Hair All Year Long!"

Imagine never having to think about maintaining your bikini area — ever. Believe it or not, hairy legs, fuzzy pits, and 'no hair down there' are a way of life for plenty of women. That means skipping directly over the pre-date deforestation process and straight to outfit selection. We asked two women who live the no-shave lifestyle (and not just in November) to reveal what it's really like to live and love in a follicle-phobic society.

nervous woman in bed
My dry cleaner is not going to be happy.

Dating Disaster: An Untimely Visit From Aunt Flo

Tom was English, an army vet and dirty in a way that made me think he would be good in bed. I was somewhat mistaken. Things went from blah to worse when I realized that we went to bed at the exact wrong time in my menstrual cycle. Too bad about my comforter...

eating octopus
"Fear of the new and different hadn't only limited my diet."

How Dating A Foodie Changed My Life

We've all heard the expression "The quickest way to a man's heart is through his stomach." But for John and me, food was the quickest way to our first argument. He said I didn't eat enough of it, and he didn't mean portion size.

flirting doctor
Give me 50 CCs of sugar, stat!

Dating Disaster: My Crush Wanted My Help With Another Girl

Despite my colleagues' teasing, I had no interest in dating Damon at first, a clever medical resident at the hospital where I worked. But, I began to look for him at work despite myself. There was a long weekend off without his witticisms as his fiancée was visiting. And then he returned to work. Single.

It would be funny, if it wasn't so sad

Dating Disaster: He Was A Hot, Ripped Chef With A Barney Tattoo

When Josh walked in, all the girls let out a collective "OMG!" gasp. He was well over six feet tall, with short brown hair, piercing blue eyes and full sleeve tattoos. For a group of women who all harbored a predilection for all things rocker-related, he was a vision. He was hot and he could cook. Could it get any better?