idea of love
He loves me...he loves me not?

How I Lost Myself To The Idea Of Love: A Cautionary Tale

We shared a mutual attraction, the same sense of humor. But as I imagined a future with him, he lived for instant gratification. He wasn't open to falling in love. He was just passing through. And you know what? I wasn't falling in love with him either. I was simply in love with the idea of love. And that's a dangerous trap.

7 Surprising Signs Your Online Dating Privacy Is At Risk
Do you think an "Internet cookie" is a delicious online treat? Uh oh!

7 Signs Your Online Dating Privacy Is At Risk

Have you read your online dating site's privacy policy? Does your profile use a picture from your Facebook or LinkedIn page? Your might be leaving yourself vulnerable. Read on for signs your privacy is at risk.

single finding soulmate
Forge a brave path to your soulmate. Photo: Mark Do, Flickr

What Happily Single People Can Teach Us About Choosing A Soulmate

Single and pursuing a romantic relationship? There are two very different ways to do so—from a position of strength and from a sense of fear. Those who are afraid of being single are running away from single life. But those who come from a position of strength seek romantic relationships as a means to add something valuable to their lives. Here's what they understand about choosing the right partner.

Boyfriend: My Top 5 Dream Men (That Aren't Actually Human)
Who doesn't love a musician?

My Top 5 Dream Men (That Aren't Actually Human)

I've never had an "ideal boyfriend list." On one particular night of consumption and reflection, however, I came up with a list of men who, if combined, might create the perfect man. They aren't human men, though, and I'm not sure they're all even really male, but they possess traits that rock my world regardless of gender. If given the chance, I'd totally date them, for a while at least. I'd also have to break up with them eventually because dating made up dudes who only exist on TV would make me a legit psycho.

Win Everything You Need For A Simple, Scrumptious DIY Dinner Date
Love is sweet ... and so is this giveaway.

Win Everything You Need For A Simple, Scrumptious DIY Dinner Date

YourTango is giving away five DIY dinner kits complete with everything you need to make a delicious ethnic meal, chocolate fondue for dessert and hot chocolate as an after-dinner snack. Just answer our question in the comments and you'll automatically be entered to win!

real love
Don't crowdsource your love life. Trust your gut.

I Found Real Love...Once I Stopped Listening To My Friends

We live in a culture of crowdsourcing. I rarely buy a shirt without sending a pic to my stylish BFF and asking what she thinks. But putting back a piece of clothing because she reminds me that it's not my color is different from tossing aside a perfectly lovely guy, one I might really have something special with, based solely on a friend's commentary. For too long, when I considered whether to date someone, my inner voice said something like: "Well, I'm into him. But how will everyone else feel?"

secrets of single people
You're not afraid to soar down this road alone, baby!

The 7 Secrets Of Blissfully Single People

Producers of shows such as The Bachelor don't want you to know this. Peddlers of dating guides try to keep it a secret. Some of my fellow scholars pretend it's not true. But it is true. Plenty of single people are leading happy and successful lives. I've been studying singles for well over a decade, and I'm happy to let you in on the seven habits of highly successful singles.

love, superhero
"Like Peter Pan, or Superman, you will come to save me." - Aimee Mann

Feminist Or Not, Every Woman Wants To Sleep With A Superhero

It's pretty clear why men fantasize about being superheroes: they're strong, powerful and revered. It wasn’t until I allowed myself to be open, to be vulnerable, that I found I could enjoy the very thing a man wants to be—strong, masculine, confident. My hero. That to allow a man be what he strives to be doesn't take away from who I am or what I can do. And I know I'm not alone in this.

invisible woman, aging, sex appeal
Still sexy after all these years.

Embracing The 'Invisible Woman': How I Learned To Age & Stay Sexy

Recently, a younger woman expressed to me the idea of the 'invisible woman.' She said it was already starting to happen to her; that her 'grand entrances' weren't causing the same kind of splash. The truth is, youth — no matter what it looks like — is perceived as beautiful...especially to men. When you stop turning heads, it hurts so intensely that you try to fight the inevitable. But having lived through it all and survived to tell the tale, I can assure you: it won't feel this way forever. Here's why.