50 Things You Should Try For Hotter Sex


Just put a ring on it.

Marry First, Love Second: The Case For DIY Arranged Marriage

Matchmaker Hellen Chen may have found the secret to marriage: Imagine if the good stuff wasn't the appetizer, but the main meal. Think of how differently your romantic life would be if you could enjoy all the sexy fun of dating without wondering "where this is going" — because you're already there.

Pan-Seared Scallops With Chimichurri
Oysters aren't the ONLY undersea aphrodisiac.

Dinner For Two: A Scallops Recipe That Would Make Aphrodite Blush

This week for our Dinner For Two series, we're serving up a mouthwatering menu to celebrate the coming of spring, featuring a recipe for pan-seared scallops with chimichurri by Cooking Channel's Kelsey Nixon, a fresh lettuce appetizer sprinkled with edible spring blossoms, a green chartreuse cocktail (made with 130 herbs, plants and flowers), and citrusy lemon-rosemary custards.

Guinness mac and cheese
A date night dish chock-full of cheese AND beer? Count us in.

Dinner For Two: A Lucky Beer Mac 'N' Cheese For St. Patrick's Day

This week for our Dinner For Two series, we're serving up a mouthwatering menu to celebrate St. Patrick's Day next week featuring cabbage-topped corned beef sliders and an ooey-gooey Guinness mac and cheese. Add a bread pudding with Bailey's chocolate ganache and a creamy Irish coffee martini, and you've got yourselves one sexy meal!

time marriage app: TIME's Offensive New Marriage App Is A Blessing In Disguise
You're probably more upset with yourself than the actual app.

Why You Should Thank TIME's New Marriage App For Trolling You

Last week, a new Time magazine Facebook app sent women into an uproar by daring to suggest when they "should" be getting married. The app purports to mine the Facebook data of you and your friends and plug that information into handy graph that tells you, meddling mom-style, when you should get (or should have gotten) married. But like any good wake-up call—even an intrusive app that is trying to troll single women and scare them into submission—will make sure you're spending your time wisely.

Thai salmon sliders
Sink your teeth into one of these babies!

Dinner For Two: Spice It Up With Thai Salmon Sliders

We're serving up a mouthwatering array of dishes that are sure to impress your date — all of which are sneakily flavored with aphrodisiac ingredients. This week's menu features a healthy twist: Thai salmon sliders, baked fries, and lemon and ginger bars, plus a skinny cocktail recipe!

law of attraction
It's gonna take a little more effort than that, honey.

'The Secret' To The Law Of Attraction? It's A Bunch Of B.S.

It's been seven years since the publication of the wildly popular self-help book 'The Secret'. The principle at the book's core—the Law of Attraction—still holds many under its Vulcan mind-meld grip. I can see why: Who wouldn't want to believe that all you have to do is think the right thoughts and the love of your dreams will find you? But key premises of the Law of Attraction can do you more harm than good in the search for love and partnership. Here's why.

Infographic: Is He Or She Off Limits?
To date or not to date? That is the question!

Infographic: Is He Or She Off Limits?

Deciding whether or not the person you're crushing on is off limits can be a question you don't want to answer. We've created a flowchart to help.

idea of love
He loves me...he loves me not?

How I Lost Myself To The Idea Of Love: A Cautionary Tale

We shared a mutual attraction, the same sense of humor. But as I imagined a future with him, he lived for instant gratification. He wasn't open to falling in love. He was just passing through. And you know what? I wasn't falling in love with him either. I was simply in love with the idea of love. And that's a dangerous trap.