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I Went On A Date With A Guy Who Stank Like Hot Garbage

I have a type: the scruffy, sensitive man's man. A yoga epiphany about meeting this guy came through when I met Josh. After our first date, things were great. But two minutes into date number two, I realized I had a problem. Rather, Josh had a problem: he smelled really bad.

Love You, Bae. 12 Hip Alternatives To The Word "Boyfriend"

Love You, Bae. 12 Hip Alternatives To The Word "Boyfriend"

What do you call the guy you've been seeing for the past few weeks? Because, as Big asked Carrie in the Sex and the City movie, when you're both adults, isn't he a little old to be your boyfriend? It sounds so, well, high school. In the spirit of maturation, YourTango has come up with ten alternate names to call your man.

How To Fall In Love With Mr. Good Enough (Hint: It's EASY!)

How To Fall In Love With Mr. Good Enough (Hint: It's EASY!)

The problem with a list, I realized, is that it’s hard to translate the bullet points into a real, live human being. The fact is, you can’t make a list that doesn’t either oversimplify or take things out of context. For instance, even if you make a list of qualities you want, they aren’t all weighted equally (is height as important as honesty?), and with many qualities you want, it’s not like people have them or they don’t. Often, they have some degree of that quality—like sense of humor or financial stability—which may not be exactly what you had in mind when you wrote it down. Lori Gottlieb tells us why dating Mr. Good Enough might be a better idea than dating Mr. Right.

#Yowza! 21 Of The Sauciest Twitter Pick-Up Lines
21 Twitter Pick-Up Lines (er, Tweets)

#Yowza! 21 Of The Sauciest Twitter Pick-Up Lines

Breaking news before the slow-poke networks, staying atop of Ashton Kutcher's activities, bringing the pound sign back: Twitter gives us all of this. But what can Twitter do for love, we asked? The answer: clever pick-up lines packaged into 140 characters or less.

16 Legit Reasons To Date A Convict

16 Legit Reasons To Date A Convict

After checking out, a mock online dating site feigning to connect prisoners with those on the outside, we gave this phenomenon some closer inspection. The result? There are clearly a bunch of things wrong with dating a prisoner... but there are also some potential perks.

I was catfished, hook, line and sinker.

I Was Catfished—And That Sleazy Con Artist Is Still Out There

Thanks to sensational programs like MTV's Catfish, we can now — as a society — sit back on our comfy couches and make fun of people who fall prey to online romance schemes. But when you are lied to, stolen from and emotionally ripped off by a stranger at a time in your life when you're most vulnerable, it's far from entertainment.

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You're not afraid to soar down this road alone, baby!

7 Secrets Of Blissfully Single People You MUST Know

Producers of shows such as The Bachelor don't want you to know this. Peddlers of dating guides try to keep it a secret. Some of my fellow scholars pretend it's not true. But it is true. Plenty of single people are leading happy and successful lives. I've been studying singles for well over a decade, and I'm happy to let you in on the seven habits of highly successful singles.

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"You just never know until you know."

He's Not My Type—But I Married Him Anyway

Upon their first meeting, Leslie Bennetts was convinced that her husband of 18 years was totally wrong for her. Years later, she marvels at how little she knew back then. Here's the surprising reason why she married him even though he wasn't her type.

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Hooking up is a snack, not a meal.

Why Casual Hookups Are Leaving You Completely Malnourished

Kate Taylor's piece in the New York Times, "Sex on Campus: She Can Play That Game Too", caused quite a stir by putting a sexy new slant on hook-up culture: It's women in control, not men, who are driving the trend. But hooking up cannot replace or come close to fulfilling the human need for real connection. It doesn't make us smarter, stronger or more in control to avoid connection and intimacy. It doesn't set us up to be better or happier than the women who came before us. It just sets us up to be disappointed in a different way.

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How To Love The Man Who Has A Foot Fetish

Your Man Has A Thing For Your Feet? How To Spice It Up In Bed

I guess I'm what you'd call a foot fetishist, although this designation is more complex than you probably think. Most foot fetishists are not perverts, sexual deviants, or anything to be afraid of. Here's what you need to know about being in a relationship with someone like me.

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"Like Peter Pan, or Superman, you will come to save me." - Aimee Mann

Feminist Or Not, Why Every Woman Wants To Sleep With A Superhero

It's pretty clear why men fantasize about being superheroes: they're strong, powerful and revered. It wasn’t until I allowed myself to be open, to be vulnerable, that I found I could enjoy the very thing a man wants to be—strong, masculine, confident. My hero. That to allow a man be what he strives to be doesn't take away from who I am or what I can do. And I know I'm not alone in this.

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Will a week-long road trip with a stranger end in romance or disaster?

We Met On Twitter — And Our First Date Was A Week-Long Road Trip

"I am not going on this trip as some sort of half-baked internet blind date and I know you're not going on it to get into my pants." Thus spoke my road trip companion in a last-minute attempt to calm my nerves over what I was increasingly realizing sounded like a hare-brained plan—spend a week driving across the country with a man I knew only through social media.