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Conversation Topics To Avoid This Father’s Day

Family gatherings can often turn into huge altercations if not handled with care—oh, or is that just mine? Awkward... In order to try to avoid any and all drama this Father's Day, check out The Frisky's amusing list of topics you definitely want to stay away from at all costs. You know, basic things like secret abortions, how you lost your virginity, and the graphic details of your current sexcapades are just some of their suggestions.

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Study: Fathers Today Are More Involved, But Many Are Absent

Through the years, fathers have become more and more involved in their children's lives. According to a new study conducted by the Pew Research Center, and released just in time for Father's Day, dads are taking more active roles. In 1965, men spent just 2.6 hours a week with their kids. By 2000, that number rose drastically to 6.5 hours. (They must be coaching a lot of Little League and telling plenty of bedtime stories!)

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12 Famous Fathers' Quotes About Love

From funny to touching, dads can say the darndest things when it comes to love and marriage. Whether it's to give you advice or to simply tell you the story of how he met your mother (again), you're bound to gain some valuable insight. So in honor of Father's Day, we've compiled 12 famous fathers' quotes on love and marriage in the off chance your dad hasn't already given you an earful!

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Being A Single Parent Has Made Me A Better (Future) Husband

Being a single, black father is an odd ball of wax. On one hand, women go crazy for responsible dads with adorable children. But it's not always peaches and cream, not only do I have to be ultra-careful who she meets but I have to set an example of how she should let herself be treated. On top of that, my ex and I are trying to do the co-parent thing for our little girl's sake. Yep, being a single father is an odd ball of wax.

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6 Coolest Gay Celebrity Dads

Being a parent is hard enough as it is, much less being a gay celebrity with kids. Ask anyone with children, and more likely than not they will admit being a parent isn’t easy. Now just imagine managing the stress of taking care of your child’s basic needs and nailing that Oscar role while finding the best surrogate mother possible or depending on the country, even fighting laws to have your marriage recognized in order to adopt.

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My Latest Boyfriend Is Just Like Dad

For most of my 15-year dating career, I went for Fledglings, Makeshift Men, pre-release beta tests of the fully formed adult male. I was drawn to men who were nothing like the soft-spoken, principled and straight-laced person who had been the dominant male presence in my life so far: my retired CPA father.

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I Want My Husband To Feed Our Baby

I want my husband to help feed our baby. What I didn't expect was the incredulity people expressed when I told them I wanted my husband to be involved with the feeding of our child and, if that means we supplement with formula, then so be it. This decision has nothing to do with me shirking my duties as a parent, and it's not a way to somehow coerce my husband into more late nights than are his due. I just really want him to share in the fun of feeding time.

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A Father Plans For The Sex Talk With His Daughter

As an expat Dad, you find yourself repeatedly thrown into parenting situations you didn’t see coming. This is especially true when you live in Sweden and take a lot of paternity leave, because then you are not at work all day; you are home, the main driver of potty training, and talking about vaginas.

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Switzerland Opens Shelter For Divorced Dads

Thanks to a benevolent pastor's pilot project, newly-separated fathers living in Switzerland can have temporary shelter and a safe haven to recover from the trauma of their divorce. The shelter, which was opened by Andreas Cabalzar in late 2009, can house up to three fathers at a time. Cabalzar also designated two bedrooms for children of guests, who pay the equivalent of $166 per week to stay.

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Will Our Kids Be Republican Or Democrat?

I recognize that parenthood is a journey filled with responsibility and challenges far greater than political quibbling. I also realize, that in the end, the political choices of our child are not up to us, but up to that squirming little fetus, who is currently making me puke and want to eat jars and jars of caramel ice cream topping. And yet, I am worried about what we will teach our child about conflict and resolution though our political wranglings. Will our child grow up to be polarized? Afraid of confrontation? Apathetic? Or will our child learn to build consensus and disagree with respect and love?

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Will We Be Terrible Parents?

I didn't daydream about weddings or marriage when I was growing up. Instead, I looked at my mother and thought: That's what I want to do. I want to be a mom. Now that I'm married, I wonder, will he really be a good father? And by the way, am I gonna suck, too?

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I Don't Respect My Husband's Parenting Skills

One of the reasons I married my partner was because I believed he would be a great father. Now that we have a 2 year old, I am underwhelmed—and disappointed—by his parenting skills. It has really affected how I view him as a life partner and even how much I respect him as a person. What's the best way to turn things around?

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Twitter Top 10: Who To Follow for Parenting Advice

Our sister blog—Love Buzz—previously ran a number of Twitter Top 10 lists. Those lists told you who to follow for sex advice, dating advice and more. They cut out the riffraff and presented you with the awesome. Well. We thought it was about time that, here at LoveMom, we shared the goods on the coolest moms and dads on Twitter. Because—when it comes to parenting—we could all use someone to reach out to every once in awhile, even if it's only virtually.

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Being A Dad Makes Me A Better Husband

The other woman in my life, Sophia, is my 2-and-a-half-year-old daughter. Sure, children can arrest marriages: maybe Mom has to put a career on hold, or Dad realizes he just isn't ready to be a dad, or mom and dad bicker constantly over the cumulative array of child-rearing decisions (diet, vaccines, public or private school?—the list is endless). But it shouldn't be this way. In fact, the more time I spend with my daughter, the more attuned I become to what I love about my wife.

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10 Father's Day Gift Ideas

He's the greatest man on earth, the reason you've always had such high standards where men are concerned. He's a protector, provider, and sometimes jokester, and for that there will never be anyone better. Except the father of your own children, who has oddly enough started spouting some of the old familiar "Dad-isms" he swore he'd never say. And so, in celebration of all the dads out there: our favorite dad-speak and what to get the dad who says it.