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How I Honor My Dad On Father's Day
A pastoral counselor recounts one painful Father's Day.
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How I Honor My Dad On Father's Day (And Every Day)

In 2007, my father passed away right after Father's Day. It took time for me to be at peace with myself since he drove hundreds of miles to celebrate Father's Day with me — and ended up having a heart attack. Since then, I have learned to deal with the loss of my dad and how to honor him on Father's Day.

The Role Your Dad Should Play in Your Dating
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The Role Your Dad Should Play in Your Dating

I get to say I am one of the lucky ones to have been born to a great Dad. I did nothing to deserve a Dad so kind and loving so I am not trying to brag, it just happens to be the lucky  hand I was dealt. Besides being a great Dad, the kind that always made time for his kids and showed an unprecedented amount of patience and creativity, he continues to be one of my best friends.

working dad
In many workplaces, dads don't receive the same parental leniency as moms do.
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Divorced Dads: The Unspoken Workplace Discrimination

In my 15-year career, I've worked in a wide variety of offices. Across the board, there is an unwritten rule—as there should be—that a working mother must always be there for her children first and foremost. The problem is: dads don't get the same treatment.

Guilt Free Parenting:  8 ways to avoid the guilt trap
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Guilt Free Parenting: 8 ways to avoid the guilt trap

We've all experienced it...the dreaded parenting guilt.  You blame yourself whenever you see your child fail or if they are unhappy or struggling.  You beat yourself up after you lose your cool when your child misbehaves, you wonder how you have failed your child when they come home with a bad test grade, and you are sure iti is your fault that your child hurt themselves when under your care.  There's always something to feel guilty about when you are a parent!

Help! My Kids Are Spoiled Brats [VIDEO]
Who's the boss in your house: you or your kids?

Help! My Kids Are Spoiled Brats

If your precious angels are out of control, you've come to the right place. In this video, author, relationship coach and YourTango Expert Shela Dean explains what to do when your kids start acting overly entitled.

jennifer aniston
No Jennifer Aniston movie for you, deadbeat dad!
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Deadbeat Dad Lured To Pennsylvania For 'Jennifer Aniston Movie'

At the risk of offending one of the least powerful groups of men in America, deadbeat dads are largely a bunch of ditships. Police have been using this fact against the reticent payers for years. Per a recent Today Show, a man living in Hawaii fell for the oldest trick in the book when he took a one-million hour flight to Pennsylvania because ...

father and baby
If babies just love your guy, chances are he would make a great dad.
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8 Signs Your Man Would Make A Great Father

Father's Day is here, and amidst all of the celebrating and gift-giving, I can't help but feel happy (and a little relieved) knowing that my future hubby will be an amazing father to my children one day. So how do you tell if your Mr. Perfect will translate into a stellar dad? Here are some telltale signs.