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I don't believe in MAGIC!. But I do believe in magic.
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Why "Rude" By MAGIC! Is The Absolute Worst Song Ever

The song "Rude" by the band MAGIC! is annoying and stupid. It's annoying and stupid for a few reasons. One of those reasons is the fact that the band stylizes their name as "MAGIC!," which makes my job as an editor difficult, because I have to insert a stupid exclamation point in the middle of a sentence for no reason.

A labor of love.
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Father Shows Love By Drawing Incredible Scenes On Lunch Bags

There's one proud papa out there going to some pretty cool lengths to make his son smile. Brian Dunn, a graphic designer and illustrator, has spent the last two years drawing impressively detailed creatures and scenes on his son's brown paper lunch bags. In honor of Father's Day coming up this weekend, we decided to showcase a few of Brian's many labors of love.

The Evolution of Dad Dancing, ft. Chris Christie.
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Chris Christie Rocks Some Serious Dad Dance Moves

Jimmy Fallon decided to honor Father's Day on The Tonight Show with one adorable (and slightly political) skit, with the assistance of Chris Christie. The pair rocked such moves as "The Lawnmower" (a total dad-move), and just generally reminded us how embarrassing our parents can be.

Brad Pitt
Brad Pitt isn't just a hot dad -- he has a hot baby mama in Angelina Jolie!
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Celeb Love & Parenting: 10 Hottest Hollywood Dads

Fathers Day 2014 is coming! While Hollywood is full of failed fathers (hello, Michael Lohan and also to 50 Cent, who reportedly missed his own son's graduation), there are some great celebrity dads out there setting examples for their kids. Celebrate Father's Day with the hottest and best Hollywood dads!

John Steinbeck.
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John Steinbeck Penned Beautiful Letter On Love To Son

Though John Steinbeck is best known as an author and Nobel laureate, there was much that remained hidden about him. But in the book Steinbeck: A Life in Letters (first published in 1989 and containing about 850 of Steinbeck's letters) reveals a gentle, stunningly beautiful side of the author. Here, we have one of Steinbeck's letters to his son Thom, who had written home to inform his father and stepmother, Elaine, that he had fallen in love with a classmate named Susan.