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I Worked As A Dominatrix, But I'm Just Like You

"I specialized in pretty hardcore scenes—what we called corporal scenes. Sort of the meaner scenes," she tells Lemondrop. "Which was interesting, because it didn't seem to fit with my personality. I didn't like those sessions at the beginning. You start by doing the 'sensual sessions' that look like flirty behavior... but that just started to feel uncomfortable—too close to reality. I worked hard not to engage my sexuality in the job. So there was something thrilling about acting out this mean, violent persona. It was so far from who I was or who I'd ever been." Although we've only just met her, we believe her. It's hard to imagine this sweet-sounding professor ever trussing up a naked man like a turkey or, say, dunking his head underwater. But remember—those guys asked her to do it, they paid her for it, and all we have to say is, she worked hard for her money. As if her book weren't revealing enough—and trust us, it is!—Febos agreed to share even more. In her own words, below are 10 Things You Don't Know About My Life As a Dominatrix:

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Japanese Sex Club Patrons Want WHAT?

America's golden age—that is, its sexy stewardess era—of aviation might be over, but Asian airlines still uphold a reputation for hiring beautiful female flight attendants. Over in Japan, Japan Airlines is struggling to curb the smuggling of flight attendant uniforms to the country's sex clubs. Since announcing bankruptcy in January, JAL has worked to prevent former employees (among others) from selling their uniforms to the black market, which drop major bank for outfits that come with a polaroid of their previous owner.

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10 Reasons We Love Nicholas Sparks

OK. We know. Nicholas Sparks can be corny. Our moms like him and, no, he's no Dostoevsky. But hear us out. With four of his books already adapted into film, and two more slated for 2010—including the forthcoming Dear John—perhaps its worth considering that Sparks knows something about love that we don't. In ascending order, here are the top 10 reasons we can't get enough of Nicholas Sparks.

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The Hookup That Changed Everything

Over Christmas this year, I made a middle school dream come true. No, I didn't finally find that new 15-speed bicycle or belatedly get accepted into all-state band. It was so much better and something to enjoy at any age: I hooked up with my friend's older brother.

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Sex: My Wife Won't Tell Me Her Fantasies

Are you looking to spice things up in the bedroom, but afraid that your wife is too shy to reveal her sexual fantasies? How can you get her to open up? YourTango is here to help. America’s Love Experts Matt Titus and Tamsen Fadal are here to answer your relationship questions. While Tamsen points out that maybe your wife does not have fantasies to share, Matt disagrees. “Yes, she has fantasies,” he says.

From Fantasy to Adultery
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From Fantasy to Adultery

My mother once told me that, according to the Catholic faith, in God’s eyes a man who imagined having sex with a woman who wasn’t his wife was as guilty of adultery as the man who actually had sex with another woman. Now that I’m older, I realize that means we’re all going to hell for adultery, so we might as well have some fun along the way.

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She Wants To Be Dominated. He Doesn't Know How.

What do you do when your man doesn't know how to treat you the way you want to be treated in bed? In this week's Savage Love, a young woman writes to Dan Savage about her desire for rough sex and her new boyfriend's seeming inability to give it to her. In order to remedy the situation, the woman has hatched a scheme: have a threesome with her new boyfriend and her ex-boyfriend, so that the new boyfriend can learn the basics of bondage, rape fantasies, etc. The new boyfriend, she tells Dan, is totally on board with the plan. Nonetheless, she can't help but wonder: "Am I being a selfish bitch?" and "Is it a bad sign that he's not satisfying me sexually after three months?"


Why We Fantasize And What's Normal

Sexual fantasies are something we rarely discuss, even among good friends. Our deepest sexual thoughts are often considered too weird, perverse, or just plain wrong to be shared amongst polite company; fantasizing might indicate there is something wrong with our relationships, or worse, ourselves. But research indicates that having sexual fantasies is an absolutely normal, if not necessary, part of being a sexual being. It's not having them that is aberrant.

Lets Share Fantasies

Let's Share Fantasies [VIDEO]

Fred and Danielle have decided to spice-up their relationship by incorporating some of their fantasies into their sex life. Danielle will dress up in one of Fred's fantasies and Fred will do the same for Danielle. However, Danielle may not be prepared for what Fred has in mind.