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Why Does Black Marriage Have Its Own Day?

Black Marriage Day is Sunday, March 27. As we started talking about the day around the YourTango offices, we wondered: why isn't there a Hispanic Marriage Day? A Caucasian Marriage Day? An Asian-Black-Pacific-Islander Marriage Day? Couldn't all races and combinations thereof in this country use a day focused on promoting healthy, happy marriages? Here's a look at the history behind Black Marriage Day.

Bullying…Is It More Than Sticks and Stones?
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Bullying…Is It More Than Sticks and Stones?

Bullying is thought of as being an ordinary passage of growing up. We all remember being pelted with some sort of hurtful words. Some kids remember being beat up on the play ground. Although this wounded many children of generations past it wasn’t always taken seriously. When we hear the word bully we go back to that behavior. However, bullying has changed. It is more than words or getting teased up on the playground. It is inescapable harassment, physical assault, verbal abuse, and a constant barrage of cyber attacks that leave kids feeling defeated, fearful, and alone.