What Guys Really Think ... When You Fake An Orgasm
"It's a huge blow to my ego when a girl fakes her orgasm." - Jake
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What Guys Really Think ... When You Fake It

Not totally in the mood, but still trying to make your guy feel good about his bedroom moves? We get it. Women come with fewer guarantees about the grand finale. So is it better to fake the mind-blowing climax — or to just play it off? Here's what the fellas have to say about your performance.

the other woman
You know what, other woman, in some ways I feel sorry for you. Sort of.
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"Come on, finish already, I have to get up early tomorrow."
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If You're A Loud Moaner, There's A Good Chance You're 'Faking It'

When it comes to doing the deed, Hollywood has taught us that sex is going to make women whoop and holler, speak in tongues and scream out bizarre obscenities that outside of the bedroom would be deemed just plain weird. But scientists at the University of Leeds have found that when women are making all those ridiculous noises during sex, it's not because their orgasm is that amazing.

teenage couple
One-third of teenagers share passwords with their boyfriend/girlfriend.
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