Infidelity: Had An Affair? Have Kids? Here's What To Do
Make certain your children know how much you both love them.
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Had An Affair? Have Kids? Here's What To Do

Infidelity brings up insecurity and uncertainty in everyone involved — including your kids. How you handle the issue of an affair in your marriage is imperative to your childrens' sense of self and healthy development.

Infidelity: Your Cheating Spouse Is Trying To Tell You Something!
Your heart may be broken, but understanding the cheater could save your marriage.
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Your Cheating Spouse Is Trying To Tell You Something!

Infidelity is often an expression of unhappiness with a relationship. In some important ways, the cheater's needs are not being met, and his or her affair is an attempt to communicate that. Before you get upset, listen to what is being said.

Infidelity: Tempted To Cheat? Try These Tips Instead
At the edge of an affair? Be honest with yourself: how did you get here?
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Tempted To Cheat? Try These Tips To Refocus Your Marriage

While in a marriage or a long-term relationship, you may be tempted by infidelity — but it's important to first consider the consequences. Here, three YourTango Experts discuss safe approaches to temptation, including the steps you can take to prevent yourself from succumbing to it.

How To Rebuild Trust After An Affair
It takes effort to get back to a loving place, but it can be done.
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Had An Affair? With Time & Effort, You Can Rebuild Trust

Many people think that to have an affair is to automatically lose the opportunity for a healthy marriage. But many couples choose to work through the breach of trust together and rebuild their relationship. Here, two experts offer real-life tips for fixing your bond after infidelity.

Have An Affair: Before You Leave Your Spouse, Consider This
You're happy together now, but what will happen once everyday life enters the picture?
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Before You Leave Your Spouse For Your Lover, Consider This

An affair or infidelity can seem exciting, sensual or even romantic. It's common to want to leave your spouse for your lover, but before you do, you should slow down and ask yourself some questions. Do you think life will still be thrilling once you settle into routine?

Infidelity: Is Facebook Making It Easier To Cheat?
Care about your relationship? Avoid social-networking induced infidelity.
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Is Facebook Making It Easier To Cheat?

Instant and exciting connections made through social media make infidelity more tempting than ever. This makes it all the more important to maintain honesty and clear communication with your partner. Read more from this relationship expert and don't let social media ruin your bond!

The Many Faces Of Infidelity
Confused about your emotions? It's a lot to unpack.
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The Many Faces Of Infidelity

Has infidelity affected your marriage? Is an affair ruining your life? "The Many Faces Of Infidelity" is a campaign that will help you overcome even the most confusing problems surrounding adulterous behavior.