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Why Am I Still Single?

A recent study showed that there are more single women in the US than ever before. Why is this (outside of population growth)? The reasons and rationales are numerous but two leading theories are that financial independence has made women more choosy and we, as Americans, are becoming narcissists. In addition, technology has, in many ways, sabotaged us. Facebook and its ilk aren't the solution to loneliness. The author's solution is to compromise a little, open human lines of communication, and leave Bridget Jones in the pages of her books.

Celebrity Love Wants To Hook Up With Facebook

If you can't beat 'em, join 'em. wants to get in on some of the Facebook action. They are debuting new features that will allow Facebookers to meet up and keep track of dating enthusiasts. This meeting of new media and newer media may be a little uncomfortable for the younger crowd, we'll see.

Celebrity Love

You’re Not His Girlfriend Until Facebook Says So

It's always been hard to know where you stand in a relationship. Until now. The geniuses over at Facebook have figured out a way to solve this little problem. They have created the best 'Status' indicator since the wedding band. It lets everyone involved know if you're an single, married, or whatever.