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The Ins & Outs Of Texting & Dating [EXPERT]
What's your preferred means of communication?
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The Ins & Outs Of Texting & Dating

The hierarchy of dating communication goes as follows: text message, chat, email, phone call. Text is largely considered the lowest level in the food chain of communication. Although, arguably, Facebook chat is lower. I mean, at least you need someone's cell phone number in order to text, right? Yet, I love texting.

Facebook dating 101
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Facebook dating 101

If the friend of my enemy is my enemy, then is the friend of my date going to be my date? A lot of guys may want it that way. (and some girls too.) What about the Facebook friend of my date? Facebook doesn’t make it easy to keep your dating life on the down low. If you are Facebook friends with your date, then chances are she has her ways of finding out who else you are dating. And that’s a good thing in my book. If you are really trying to two-time your girlfriend with her best friend you should at least have the decency to be stealthy about it.

light switch on off
Guys are like light switches; they get turned off as easily as they get turned on.
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6 Things You Do On Facebook That Turn Him Off

If a guy doesn't check you out on Facebook before your first date, he definitely will afterwards. While your profile and posting habits aren't a be-all end-all, they can push a man who's teetering toward calling it quits. After polling several men, we found six common Facebook faux pas that will cause a dude to re-evaluate the relationship and redirect his affection elsewhere.


Facebook Friend Requests: Dos And Don'ts

One of your man's friends has sent you a "Friend Request" on Facebook. Do you accept it? Reject it? Pretend like you never saw it? In this video, Cyber Dating Expert and YourTango expert Julie Spira offers up several options for navigating those questionable connections on social media. “There are several options that you can choose,” Julie explains.