How To Make The Most Of Your Spring Break


How To Make The Most Of Your Spring Break [EXPERT]
Try taking a break from technology.

So, if you do succumb to the need to check your email, laugh about it and go back to what you originally intended to do. Humans are so driven and get into so many habits. This is only about trying to let go of a dependency and get back into your real world a little bit.

So, you want to take the challenge? 1 week is all we are asking to do something different. You even get to decide how much or little you want to change. After this week, check in with yourself and see what you learn. Maybe what seemed so urgent before isn't so urgent after all. Spring Break: Celebs Who Should Go Away


Maybe you will find something new that you love to do or maybe you will notice a person in your life in a way you never thought before. If you try it, we would love to hear from you about how it goes! Let us know! And if you find any other helpful tips about balancing technology in your life this spring break, let us know!

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