Is Your Bad Relationship Creating Bad Business?


Is Your Bad Relationship Creating Bad Business?
We tell you how to know if a bad relationship is creating bad business and how to cope!
  • Talk to your partner about what has been happening and set up some ground rules for when and how you handle the issues in your relationship. Maybe a check in at work is all the communication you are going to have during the work day. Stop engaging in long texting conversations, drawn out phone calls, or allowing your partner to stop by at work to talk.
  • Evaluate if this relationship is worth the cost. You may really care about your partner, having invested a lot of time and nurturing into your relationship. However, if you can't function in a major area of your life, how long can you keep that up?
  • Own your decisions. If you choose to keep a bad relationship, just own up to that. Stop the victimization- bad things aren't just happening to you. At some point, you continuing to be with your partner is giving chaos permission in your life. 
  • Get a wider lens. Take a step back and look at the big picture. Is this a pattern for you? Do you really want to be in your business? Do you really want to be in your relationship
  • Who you pick to be in relationship speaks volumes about your self esteem and what you value. If you sacrifice your livelihood to keep a bad relationship alive, you are saying that you don't deserve better. You may want to talk to a therapist or counselor about how to build your self esteem so that you make positive choices that impact not just your personal relationships but your business as well.

If you think that your relationship is robbing you of time and energy at work, don't ignore it. Just recognizing it is an issue and trying a different way of handling things is a start. Ignored problems fester and grow into bigger ones. Don't wait for it to go way. Take care of business!

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