Got a Crappy Therapist


Got a Crappy Therapist
How to know if you need to ditch your therapist and find a new one!

I think it is sad to keep taking their money because they are willing to give it to me, knowing that the therapy isn't working or that I am not a good fit. Part of being a good therapist is knowing what you are good at and when to refer out.

So, now that I listed a few tips, do you think you have a bad therapist? What should you do? You have several options, but most importantly, don't stop therapy. Don't sacrifice your joy, your potential freedom, and happiness because of this. Find another therapist, they often offer free consults. If you think that therapy isn't right for you, try life coaching or spiritual direction. There are people out there that can help you, don't give up! - Kelly Higdon, MFT

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