Chocolate Lovers Rejoice: You Can Make Nutella At Home!


Chocolate Lovers Rejoice: You Can Make Nutella At Home! [EXPERT]
How do you eat your Nutella?
Culinary Expert Zoe Rogers gives Nutella fans a gift: a DIY Nutella recipe!

Nutella® (pronounced new-tell-uh) is an Italian Gianduja-inspired, silky-smooth, rich chocolate-hazelnut spread sold around the globe.

In Italy it is often served on toasted bread slices for part of a morning meal, but Nutella is such a mainstay that there is even a Nutelleria in Bologna, a café which serves Nutella exclusively, dishes such as "Nutella Cornflakes," or desserts like "Nutella Ice Cream" and more, while in Paris, you often see Nutella hugged in Crêpes or with Croissant. Do You Love Shamrock Shakes?

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This photographer's Flickr photostream captures some fun shots of Nutella culture, not only a Nutelleria in Frankfurt, Germany, but Nutella Art too, and his Flickr photostream brings us this and other treasures.

Nutella-centric global citizens don't stop there. Nutella has also taken the United States by storm, no longer just a fad, now Nutella is sold in supermarkets, typically next to peanut butter, and like peanut butter, it's here to stay.

Online popularity is soaring. In Facebooksphere the official Nutella Facebook Page shows a wealth of international denizens — flags all waving proud as Nutella spooners and spreaders grow — and Nutella becomes top ranked: number 16 in the 2011 Top 20 Brands on Facebook.

The Nutella fan base is very loyal, and there is even a World Nutella Day — — celebrated the 5th of February each year! You can get updates via @NutellaDay on Twitter. Nutella holds not only a product enjoyed on its own straight-from-the-jar, spoon-to-mouth, but fans use it imaginatively in a wide range of recipes as well. Top 5 Aphrodisiacs To Ignite Lust In Your Man!

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When used in a recipe, Nutella takes many unique forms, not only as the traditional spread, but to flavor a dish too as a recipe ingredient, and also as a topping, filling, frosting, dip, or drizzle.

Since Social Media and Nutella walk, rather run, hand-in-hand, you will find many voices echoing Nutella's praise from the Twitter stream to Pinterest boards, and other Social Media in between, sharing their favorite recipes which showcase Nutella, edibles such as Cheesecake, Hot Chocolate, Brownies, Cookies, French Macarons, Ice Cream Sandwiches, Fudge, Doughnuts, Cake, Cupcakes, Mousse, and Waffles, and that's just a snapshot.

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