Fun & Easy Valentine's Cookie Decorating Party!


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Culinary and Home Entertaining Expert Zoe Rogers brings you something sweet!

Ladies, take a breather from thinking about men, and pause to focus on your gratitude for the great gal pals you have in your life! In the spirit of friendship, this Valentine's Day, or before, hostess a fun and easy Valentine's Day Cookie Decorating Party! It's fast to set up, inexpensive to do and the bonus is you get to join the party! I coined this celebration "Gal-entine's Day" just for you and your gal pals—no guys allowed!

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This step-by-step guide provides the entertaining essentials and special touches that will make your girlfriends' get- together memorable:

Invitations: Digital invitations can be slick, but why not make it more personal? Call each member of your girl gang—just the mention of the theme will get their sweet tooth tickled. Depending on the time of day you want to have your gala, you can ask them each to bring a beverage and snack foods or appetizer. Certainly dessert is taken care of with the cookies galore.

3 days before: Order several dozen plain (un-frosted and not decorated) heart-shaped sugar cookies. Figure on 5 to 10 cookies per gal pal, just do the math and you'll know how many dozen to order. Typically, a gal can decorate 5 to 7 cookies per hour, so each gal will probably decorate up to 14 cookies in a 2-hour-long party. Alternatively, you can wing it, and pick up some from your local supermarket bakery, or get this: make them homemade!

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2 days before—Buy and gather your supplies: Pick up your heart-shaped, plain sugar cookies at the bakery and buy the following items at your local gourmet shop, or supermarket:

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