Top 5 Aphrodisiacs To Ignite Lust In Your Man!


Top 5 Aphrodisiacs To Ignite Lust In Your Man!
Provocative peek: 5 must-have foods to put your lover in the mood from Culinary Expert Zoe Rogers

Figs: Prized as an evocative culinary symbol of passion and of sexual ripeness, reflected as such in both Art and Poetry through the ages. The erotic, shapely fig, with its luscious, juicy, sweet, Pink flesh was considered sacred and associated with love and fertility by the ancient Greeks, and figs were eaten as a prelude to lovemaking.

By Zoe Rogers, a leading Culinary and Home Entertaining Expert, Author of 9 Cookbooks, and a Culinary Judge of Cooking and Baking Contests. Zoe Rogers is an Award-Winning Author of food and beverage articles. It is through meals shared at a common table, via the food and beverage articles and cookbooks Zoe Rogers writes that she helps unite people by illuminating the connections between food, drink, love, and friendship. Zoe Rogers is also the Founder of—Your Multimedia Home to the Power of Friendship—Articles, Videos, Crafts, DIY Projects, Food and Beverage Recipes, Party Ideas and Party Themes, Entertainment and More! Zoe Rogers is on Twitter @ZoeInspiresYou

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