Three Essentials To Back Off Manipulators


Three Essentials To Back Off Manipulators
See through the veil! Resist at the core! Stand up for your needs and wants!

Our everyday life is full of manipulation whether we are aware of it or not. Some salesman on the doorway, some doctors, some teachers, some officials, or some co-workers might use unfair communication tactics to get what they want.

The difficulty is more serious if the manipulator lives with the family, not to mention if the manipulator is our otherwise beloved partner. S/he can be wonderful in various areas in our life but they still might use debilitating pressure on us towards others.


Typical Manipulation Games: "One Upmanship Expert", Dependent in Charge, Constant Victim, Iron Fist, Triangulator, Flirt, Projection, Best Defense Is Offense, Intentional Misinterpretation

If we want to keep our emotional health and a fair relationship, we need to sufficiently handle all manipulative attempts. Here are the essential points to disarm manipulation.

1/ Understand the process of manipulation

Because manipulation is a double base communication, it is not clear initially what the real goal of the manipulator is.
Let’s say someone criticizes his/her spouse constantly to make him/her feel bad about him/her. It might serve the goal of the manipulator feeling better in his/her skin. On the other hand, it also might motivate the spouse to put more effort to the service of the partner to overcompensate his/her weaknesses.

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