The Magic Of Dreams


The Magic Of Dreams
Why are dreams important, how to interpret its symbols? What to do with recurring dreams and series?

Another option is the complementary dream. Often our conscious evaluation about something leans extremely to one side. In this circumstance dream, it can represent the other side of the story. For example; after a tragic event in which a lady’s husband took an active part, the lady was completely outraged and disappointed to the degree of considering divorce. She dreamed about the death of her husband repeatedly. You might think: “Of course she wished the death of the husband.” But the emotional background of the dream revealed the opposite. She was completely, desperately sorrowful and could not imagine how she could possibly continue her life without her husband. After thorough consideration she was convinced that these dreams balanced out her daily struggle with the aftermath of her trauma. In her dreams she was able to feel the deep tie to her husband which was swept away by the fury in her awaken life. Without that help she might have divorced and later regretted the choice.

Very important dreams are the ones which work with archetypes. In those, an ancient archetype brings an answer to a present question or doubt. (Archetypes are common reaction types and its images for the humankind common experiences like life, birth, death, fear, light, men-women, and so on.) One of my friends was pregnant and as usual among pregnant women she harbored some doubt about how good of a mother she would become. One night she saw a dream in which a gorilla mother took good care of her baby. As a psychiatrist herself, she immediately understood the encouragement in the dream: our ancient past is full of good mothers from whom the “mother archetype” is derived: we can rely on this “instinctive mother” even if in our life we did not have the best experience with “good motherhood”.



Listen to your dreams! – You don’t dream? No way! Sleep studies show that we dream every night about 4-5 times. But most of us simply forget them. You might try to ask yourself to remember them in the morning. Put a notice book near your bed. If you wake up at night, you can write down what you remember. Write down immediately because they fly away very easily as the conscious mind claims its territory! If you can recall only snippets, put them down. You can draw as well. I know; you cannot draw. Me neither. This is not for art class! This is for remembering and understanding.

Your next dream could be the continuation or explanation of the previous one. It doesn’t matter if you don’t exactly understand what it wants to be. Ask for more dreams, more information. Sooner or later you will see a picture what your unconscious wants from you to see. Be prepared that this is not the reality: no crystal clear numbers and diagrams, you have to put up with some uncertainty.

Emotions are the best guides. If you feel something different than you expected – think about what could it be, or why do you feel that. When do you usually feel that way? – When I wasn’t horrified after the cosmetics dream I knew it is not a simple “horror dream”; it’s meaning is not that scary than the picture itself.

Also your feeling can show you if you are on the right path: if you feel happiness, contentment, the feeling of “eureka” you can bet this is what the message is about, or this is the way what your unconscious wanted to show you, or wanted you to take.

Engage in the dialog with your inner world and be proud of the form of expression which matches up with the best fine art.

Enjoy your dreams!

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