The Magic Of Dreams


The Magic Of Dreams
Why are dreams important, how to interpret its symbols? What to do with recurring dreams and series?

According to Jung, there is no censor and hidden content in dreams as Freud suggested. Instead the dream is the language of the unconscious. It brings messages about what is going on deep inside our soul. It tells its story in symbols; we have to decipher out its meaning. As it is the dreamer’s soul, situation and life experience, only the dreamer can read the meaning; there is no book of dreams or a psychologist who can do the work instead. – We can help though with the interpretation.



Dreams are considerably different from our wakeful reality. They have no space and time. They are full of magical transformations. One person can redouble; two persons can fuse in one. Scenes can be completely imaginary, or a kind of mix of two or more real places. Unrealistic happenings are common place: we might be able to fly or breathe underwater. Usually, dreams are very lively emotionally.


It is especially worth paying attention to recurring dreams or dream series. They are circling around an important topic. It can be unresolved conflict, forgotten desire or repressed needs. It also can be a warning that our life or our choices don’t go into the direction what we wished for, but time goes by without considering them consciously.


You might ask: “Why should I deal with them? What is unconscious doesn’t bother me! Let it stay unconscious!”

I strongly argue with this opinion. The unconscious is the home of many important things. It includes not only the repressed and suppressed memories and all of our contradictory feelings, thoughts, judgments, the so called complexes, but it is the store house of the positive and creative potential what we still haven’t developed in ourselves, as well as the “blueprint” of our lifelong personality development.

Either solving our everyday problems or normally going through our life stages, we need to collaborate with our inner soul. What we are “meant” to be? What kind of talents, desires we have, what kind of directions are a good fit for us? Not to mention, if some difficulties came along in our past, the psychological adaptation to the situation requires knowing the unconscious effects of the event.

Actually in the Jungian theory the personality development itself is bringing our unconscious material into our conscious mind and integrating the two of them.

With common sense: if you know your personality, your needs, expectations and values and your feelings clearly, you are able to direct your life in the most pleasant direction, aren’t you?


The simplest way is when it informs us about our body’s state like in the dream above, like I had enough energy to take the job, or I have to go the dentist before it’s too late.

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