The Magic Of Dreams


The Magic Of Dreams
Why are dreams important, how to interpret its symbols? What to do with recurring dreams and series?

‘…I was by the cosmetics, standing before the mirror and trying to pull off a tiny piece of dead skin from my face. Instead of coming off, it pulled more skin with it. I wanted to get rid of them too, which pulled even more… and a bigger piece, one after another and it just wouldn’t stop. Slowly my naked face stared back at me with the pure muscles exposed without any layer of skin remaining. A cosmetician appeared behind me and nonchalantly stated: You will recover soon…’

I woke up and immediately realized I should have been in shock or at least scared but I wasn’t. I also felt that there is a very important message in this dream that I have to understand.


At that time I lived in Budapest, attended the University taking an evening course. Additionally, I worked for a living, but the salary was pretty low so it was hard to make ends meet. I received a good offer for a weekend “killer” job: we had to record and evaluate special high school entrance exam results from Friday to Monday. No sleeping except for a couple of hours when absolutely necessary. We were assigned to put data from paper into the computer error free. I was deeply ambivalent, because I needed the money and I was willing to invest the time and energy, but I was afraid that it would take so much out of me that it would jeopardize all the other assignments such as my daily job and university studies.

After some doubtful hesitation I fell asleep, and in the morning I got that dream. Soon I realized that it pictured a Hungarian saying: “You can pull 7 skins down from her…” in other words: she has plenty of back up to depend on.

I accepted the job, and took the lesson: dreams can bring incredibly valuable information from our unconscious mind. In this case it informed me about my background energy. But this is only one option among plenty of others.

People are interested in their dreams since the beginning of time. Most of us feel that they play a very important role in our lives, but not sure which way, or how we can interpret them. Should we take them literally? Should we buy a book of dreams for a solution?

None of them!


Sometimes it happens that a dream warns us of something straight ahead and if you are in the position to address it financially or have the required energy you can check or make sure you are prepared for it. – Most of the time when I dream I lose some teeth which translates that there is some dental issue to take care of.

In some situations, they are prophetic dreams, but in our everyday life we can be satisfied if we read our plain everyday dreams.

An average dream speaks to us in symbols – this makes them so fascinating and so blurry at the same time. Symbols are concentrated meanings of an idea or process. Often it contains a conflict and its solution at once.

In the analytic movement, Freud and Jung supposed a completely different approach to dream interpretation. I find the Jungian idea more convincing, so I will share this with you.


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