3 Tips For Talking To Your Kids About Sex


3 Tips For Talking To Your Kids About Sex [EXPERT]
Having "the talk" is difficult for any parent, but using these 3 tips will make it easier.

Sooner or later you will end up on the topic of safe sex. What does it mean for you? Is it restricted in order to avoid sexually transmitted diseases and infections and unwanted pregnancy? I bet it is equally important not to collect emotional scars, such as guilt, shame or anxiety. 

You do not necessarily have to agree with your teen. However, you still can advocate your strong opinion. You might tell your child you do not agree with their decision. However, if they discard your advice and end up experimenting with sex, you could insist that your child use protection. 9 Things I Wish I Had Learned In Sex Ed

How should you explain it? It should be in a calm assertive way and with "I" messages. If you stay respectful, this teaches the teen that you can behave respectfully in the event there is a disagreement.

How to maintain the conversation from the first question to the last grandchild born? Be a confidant for your child as well as acknowledge and accept their feelings. If you do not judge, put down or blame, your child will  turn to you for advice.

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