6 Warning Signs You're In An Abusive Relationship


6 Warning Signs You're In An Abusive Relationship [EXPERT]
Do you feel like you're being abused? Here are six sure-fire ways to know for sure.

4. Responsibility shift. There is a very strange sense of responsibility: you are responsible for everything, including the relationship and your partner's feelings, while your partner has no responsibilities whatsoever.

5. Manipulative emotion induction. Your actions are driven by guilt, shame and anxiety. If you don't do certain tasks in a specific manner, you are deemed inadequate. Generally, your partner makes you feel "not good enough." This is why you have to accomplish more, more and then some more in order to compensate for your "failures."

No matter the ongoing efforts, you're never good enough for your partner. This is the way she/he gets you doing what she/he wants.

6. Your rights and interests are not considered. It might be hazy to detect at first, because on the surface, there is usually a pretense set: "You're the love of my life," or "I make it because I want to help you!" But if you look into the real happenings, you will see how much it is against your will, interests and rights. If you recognized yourself in this picture, don't be scared: you've made the first step. Are You Trapped In An Abusive Relationship?

The essence of overriding manipulation is getting a clear picture about what is truly happening. If you think you can change your manipulator, I have to disappoint you: you can't. But if you learn to react differently to the manipulation, you can change the process itself. Warning: If you have a physically abusive partner, don't experiment ... seek physical security immediately!

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