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Is It Crazy To Be Best Friends With Your Ex?

Sure, we all want to do the "mature" thing when it comes to breakups. But how mature is it to obsessively check up on your ex and dissect his status updates? (It's also arguably not totally sane). Relationship experts Rita ...

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Got Sales Skills? YourTango Experts Wants YOU!

YourTango Experts is a division of, specifically helping therapists, coaches, educators, authors and healing professionals to market their businesses online and drive both traffic and potential clients to their websites and businesses. We are seeking a sales professional to join our team ...

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After A Breakup, What Happens To Unconditional Love?

You said "I do," and you meant it — so does your once-unconditional love for your ex simply disappear after a breakup or divorce? We asked relationship experts Sheva Carr and Matthew ...

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Can You Place Conditions On Love?

Unconditional love sounds amazing — and in theory, it is something we should all strive for. But should there ever be conditions placed on love? We asked experts Joan Childs and Diane ...

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The Awesome Benefits Of Unconditional Love For You & Your Lover

Tina Turner once famously sang the question "what's love got to do with it?" and followed her inquiry by letting us all know that love is a second hand emotion. To add insult to loves injury, she then wondered why we need hearts when hearts can be broken. Good question, Tina. Luckily we have five ...

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Sales Employment Opportunity At YourTango Experts

Got Sales Skills? YourTango Experts Wants YOU!

Are you an experienced sales associate? Good news! We're hiring.

After A Breakup, What Happens To Unconditional Love?

After A Breakup, What Happens To Unconditional Love?

Will your breakup stifle or nurture your evolution of how you love?

Affection & Intimacy In Dating & In Relationships

Can You Place Conditions On Love?

Can love really be unconditional? Ideally, yes; practically, no.

Love: The Benefits of Unconditional Love In Your Relationship

The Awesome Benefits Of Unconditional Love For You & Your Lover

So you think unconditional love isn't for you? Read on to see why you should reconsider.

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