10 Tips & Tricks For Making Foreplay Last Longer


Challenge #7: Use foreplay to enhance your sex life in ways you never thought possible.

6. Leave the dishes in the sink while you kiss your way through the house. Nothing will kill the mood faster than domestic chores. Kim Olver

7. Ask for what you want ... and get it. If you say softer, then your partner should lighten up. If you say faster, then your partner should speed up. Let him/her know when it's just right. Larry Michel


8. Share a glass of wine together and do some sexy dancing. You want to demonstrate just how special this person is to you. Kim Olver

9. Don't assume that your partner wants the same thing every time. He/she will lust after you more than you can imagine if he/she knows that you are always alert to his/her desires. In fact he/she will not be able to get enough of you. Larry Michel

10. Send each other love notes. Make them surprising.Kim Olver

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