15 Reasons Couples Become Happier As Their Kids Grow Up

15 Reasons Couples Become Happier As Their Kids Grow Up

15 Reasons Couples Become Happier As Their Kids Grow Up

15 Reasons Couples Become Happier As Their Kids Grow Up [EXPERT]
According to our survey, 80% of experts agree that parental happiness increases with children's age.

7. There's more help around the house. When the kids can help more around the house, couples and their families can do more of the fun stuff, together and with the kids. Many cultures recruit their kids into helping with the household chores at a very young age. — Wendy Kay

8. You can go places ... without the kids! Couples can enjoy more date nights and travel when they feel comfortable leaving the kids behind. Whether the kids can take care of themselves or stay with a sitter or another family, a whole renewed freedom is back in their lives. Woo-hoo! — Wendy Kay

9. You gain more "me" time. As children grow older, they become more independent and spend much less time with mom or dad. You can actually have private bathroom time! This is a gift that parents long for, as they now have time for themselves. In return, this creates a sense of calmness, emotional peace and harmony for mom and dad. — Dr. Sue Cornbluth

10. You can get your "sexy" back. When you're so tired at the end of the day from running after your young children, the last thing you want to do is have sex. Many couples will say to each other, "I'll take a rain check, honey." Remember as children get older, mommy and daddy's energy returns, and so does "sexy time." — Dr. Sue Cornbluth

11. ... And your intimacy. I'm not talking sexy time here, ladies. I'm talking about regaining intimacy with your partner. Time to talk, spend time together and actually having a conversation without your kid saying, "I need to go potty." As kids age, they are usually not sitting on your lap when you are trying to have a serious conversation with your spouse. — Dr. Sue Cornbluth

12. There's more time to spend alone. While older children need us there, they don't want to spend so much time with us; in fact, sometimes they don't want to be seen dead with us! As children get older, we can leave them alone more and go out together again, experiencing some of the freedom we had before they came along. — Sarah Newton

13. It's easier to talk with our children about relationship matters. Whileour 7-year-old may find the concept of mummy and daddy time a little perplexing, a twelve-year-old will understand it a little more. Explaining to older children why you want to spend time as a couple is much easier and much more likely to be understood. And when children understand more, they are more likely to allow you what you need: time together. — Sarah Newton

14. Your kids need you less. When children are small they need you all of the time. Most of your time and energy is devoted towards them and it's exhausting, leaving little energy for having a relationship with anyone else. As our children grow older and require less of us in all sorts of ways, we become less exhausted and more able to put energy into the relationship with our other half again. — Sarah Newton

15. You are not the center of your child's world anymore. And when you are not the center of your child's world, it allows you to be the center of someone else's. While love is not infinite, I personally find it very hard to give all my love equally to so many people. So when your child doesn't need you in the same capacity, it allows you to fall in love with your partner all over again, in a different way. — Sarah Newton