8 Essential Traits Of A Keeper


What do you look for in a marriageable man?

6. He's warm and loving. Seems obvious, but so many people choose partners based on external factors, such as job title, physique and wealth, instead of internal ones, such as an orientation toward warmth and love. Job title, physique and wealth will not mean much during the hard times in life, but warmth and love, along with humor can carry you through. Those external factors can change in not such great ways over time, but warmth and love are character traits that can improve and deepen as we age. —Diane Spear

7. He makes you laugh. There's no overestimating the enjoyment that comes from sharing a laugh every day with your partner, or having a partner who can help "joke" you out of a stubborn position you're committed to. And there's no underestimating the drabness of daily life with a partner who's relatively humorless. By making you laugh, I don't mean he can’t have a serious conversation and everything's a joke to avoid dealing with things. I mean he's able to see and appreciate the humor in everyday life, which is a great quality in a mate. —Diane Spear

8. He's deeply open. I know a man is a keeper when he is willing to be deeply open with me, even if it's saying something (kindly) he doesn't think I want to hear. —Moreah Vestan


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