In Marriage & Motherhood: How To Be A Great Wife & Mom

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In Marriage & Motherhood: How To Be A Great Wife & Mom [EXPERT]
Learn how you can strike the perfect balance!

7. Travel at home. Many families in current economic times can't afford to travel to remote destinations. However, being a tourist in our own home town or city is a playful and easy way to engage in your community.

Post a local map in the kids' playroom or wherever you spend more of your time as a family at home and paint, draw, or post suggestions on places to visit with your kids and as a couple. Put travel dates on your calendar and commit to new adventures. Travel expands our world-view. Both your children and your relationship will benefit. —Mary Alice Long

8. Plan weekly play dates. The most common response I hear when I ask "How are you?" is "Busy!" Posting playdates on your calendar intermingled throughout the week in short bursts or making a once-a-week commitment to both your kids and your relationship to play together shows a heart-based commitment to bringing more joy into your life as a family and as a couple. —Mary Alice Long

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