Emotional Infidelity: 18 Signs You're Crossing The Line

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Emotional Infidelity: 18 Signs You're Crossing The Line [EXPERT]
Has your flirtation gotten out of hand?

13. You tell him things about yourself that you haven't told your partner. As a relationship develops, so does the depth of the feelings. One way to go deeper in a relationship is to tell things about yourself that you have not even told your partner. It's important to ask yourself, "why haven't I told my partner this?" —Charlotte Michie

14. You tell "little white lies" to your partner. There are "little white lies" because there's nothing going on and you don't want to upset your partner needlessly. Search your conscience and be honest with yourself about your motives. If there's nothing going on, then telling your partner should not be a problem. —Charlotte Michie


15. You find it difficult to concentrate when he's around. This is an ordinary part of human sexual arousal. When you are aroused, your mind is absorbed by erotic cues. Other things become, well, less important. You lose track of time when you're with him. When the two of you are alone, you don't want to be interrupted. Nothing else seems truly worth the fuss. —Stephen Snyder

16. You show off for him. You smile more brightly. Your voice is more musical, more husky, more inviting. This is an ordinary part of the human mating dance. If you catch yourself doing it, that's okay, but be careful. You may want to sit out the next dance, until your capacity for rational thought fully returns. —Stephen Snyder

17. Your emotions seem more powerful and intense. Your mood can swing wildly, depending on whether you're getting positive signals from him or not. It's normal during courtship for your emotional controls not to work so well. Your job is to know that feeling a little out of control is a natural part of the early mating process. Time to take a deep breath before things get any more out of hand. —Stephen Snyder

18. You feel more alive. This is one of the most dangerous elements of emotional attraction. The intensification of feeling and sensation that accompanies new love can be a powerful turn-on. Want advice? Try this: don't fight the feeling, but don't nurture it either. Just enjoy it as a pleasant reminder that you're still alive. Chances are you'll see the feeling fade over time. That's the good news and the bad news too. —Stephen Snyder

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