18 Ways To Beat Complacency In A Long-Term Relationship

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18 Ways To Beat Complacency In A Long-Term Relationship [EXPERT]
Are you a little bored?
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6. Spice up your lives a bit. Forget routine and get back to sexy! Women: men love the woman's body, it's that simple, so put something fun on that he will appreciate. Men: women like to feel desired, wanted and cared for, so give her some nice foreplay; for instance a nice relaxing massage with passionate kissing. Wendy Kay

7. Go to a sex store together. One fun way to break the sexual rut is to go to a store that sells sex toy and other sexy products. While there explore the store together, asking what might turn the other person on. Then, pick out a toy, outfit or even a sexy board game to play with each other at home. Dawn Michael

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8. Play a sexy board game together. One way to get intimacy and sex exciting and fun again is to play a fun sex game. There are so many wonderful fun games geared towards couples who may want to explore more erotic sex with each other but may feel too shy to initiate it. The game will just tell you what to do without having to be one to think about it. Dawn Michael

9. Take turns in the bedroom. The pressure to always be the one to ask for sex or to be asked can lead to lack of sexual desire. One way to change this is to take turns on who's night it is to initiate sex and to come up with something new to stimulate your partner. This can take the pressure off the situation and allow both husband and wife to take turns. Dawn Michael

10. Go for a date night. Set aside one night each week to have a date night and spend quality alone time. This can be spent going out to dinner, having a picnic in the park or even taking the car and finding a great makeout spot. Scheduling and sticking to a weekly date night helps you prioritize your relationship, even between two busy schedules. Dawn Michael

11. Plan a surprise day for each other. There's only one rule: The recipient has to focus on what they love about it with no criticisms or negative judgment allowed! Of course, if you're afraid you'll hurt yourself, you can back out, but hopefully your partner would never suggest you do something dangerous. Lori Carpenos

12.  Take a risk together. Take turns sharing the most erotic scene you can come up with until you're either laughing your sides off or between the sheets. Lori Carpenos

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13. Write a story together. To make it more interesting, you should start with the sexiest, most passionate, erotic, heartfelt, deeply connected time you're shared together and then work backwards showing how you got there. Lori Carpenos

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