12 Ways To Love Your Body Without Hitting The Gym

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12 Ways To Love Your Body Without Hitting The Gym [PHOTOS]
... featuring advice from Kimberly Riggins, Najaam Lee & Lauren Solomon!

Welcome to YourTango Experts 7-day intensive event, Love Your Body: Day 3! Today is all about feeling better about your body without breaking a sweat. Let's get started!

Hate working out? Join the club. While exercise is important, it isn't the only way to improve the way you look. In fact, there are plenty of painless ways to freshen up your appearance and feel better about your bod. Do All Women Have Body Image Issues?

We polled our experts to find out some things you can do to improve your body image without setting foot inside a spin class. In fact, some of their suggestions can be done right in the comfort of your own home. Skeptical? Check out the gallery and see for yourself!

PHOTO GALLERY: 12 Ways To Love Your Body Without Hitting The Gym

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Did you get dressed today? Did you open your closet to a perfect array of "Magic Outfits?" Were you dressed and out-the-door feeling fabulous, knowing you were perfectly prepared for whatever the new day would bring your way? Did you look in the mirror on your way out the door and say to yourself (or anyone listening), "Wow, I look great?"

Would it make a difference in your day if you could do all these things with ease, grace and the confidence that you were getting it "right" every time? If you answered yes, you're not alone. I'm here to help...

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