12 Ways To Build Confidence In Your Relationship

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12 Ways To Build Confidence In Your Relationship [EXPERT]
Feeling a little insecure? Learn how to strengthen your union.

6. Get serious. Actions speak louder than words, so start making confident choicestha are true to your commitment and your vision. Your confidence will soar and you will reap the rewards because you are stepping into your power and making your choices count. Lisa L. Payne

7. Seek support. Naturally, your biggest supporter in this relationship is your partner, so share your dreams and challenges with him or her. Communicate the changes you would like to make and express your feelings and your intentions with confidence. Lisa L. Payne


8. Avoid eye rolls and sighs. Whenever I see couples responding to each other with eye rolls or sighs I give them a 50 % chance of making it. Why? Because it shows contempt. It is very difficult to respond openly or lovingly to someone who has contempt for you.  So, if open and loving is what you want from your partner, stop rolling your eyes. Ashley Seeger

9. Express gratitude. Before complaining to your partner about something, thank him for something he did for you today. By expressing gratitude, you alter your biochemistry. One big benefit is that your posture, tone of voice and facial expression also change toward your partner. Ashley Seeger

10. Touch each other. Sex and sensuality are two different things and all relationships require them both. Contrary to popular belief, sensual touching does not have to lead to sex. Prove it to yourself: Plan a playful and sensual date night with your spouse that does not include sex. Ashley Seeger

11. Exercise often. This will not only make you feel better about yourself physically, but it will also improve your mood and help boost sex hormones. Resistance training has shown to increase sex hormones while tightening those trouble spots. Dr. Kevin Dobrzynski

12. Eat well. Eating better food will clear your mind and boost your energy. When people go off diets or eat poorly, they often get down on themselves. This mental baggage can carry over into daily activities and relationships. So, add fruit and veggies into your daily routine and skip processed foods. Dr. Kevin Dobrzynski

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