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When, when they’re ready, you’re the person they want to connect with. What sets us apart is that we embrace the natural decision-making process that every client experiences BEFORE choosing to pay for services. This cycle is not just something we understand, but something we have built into our strategy so that everyone can get to a “yes” much faster.

4. Finally, the last, and for some, most important question to ask is what is your ROI (return on investment)?
Anything that you invest in has a cost and it’s important to be clear on those costs before you sign on the bottom line. As a service, we’re no different. Just as you ask your clients for your hourly rate or the price on your book, we ask that our members invest in themselves to help encourage participation and value in this service.

The financial costs are easy: for individuals we offer three plans that include discounts and all are under $45 a month. You can learn about the fees and discounts here.

The bigger cost to us is your commitment to making this work. To be successful, the recommendation is that you publish 2 articles on our site each month. We have services that can help you with what to write about, and we also offer editorial, syndication and promotion opportunities. If you’re serious about changing the landscape of your business and really making it grow, we can help.

Free consultations are available to evaluate your business and its fit with YourTango Experts and can be scheduled either before or after you join. To learn more, please email Susan for a consult.

Growing a savvy business does take smarts, but it’s not rocket science. The tools available through a YourTango Expert membership are a large part of what’s necessary to grow your practice and accomplish your most inspired business goals. You can read additional details here.

We look forward to seeing you on the site and encourage you to reach out if you have questions or want to discuss your business with one of our consultants.

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