How To Get More Clients With YourTango Experts

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How To Get More Clients With YourTango Experts
Creating a “Eureka!” experience using the YourTango Expert’s platform

It is far easier to craft an effective profile to get results for a specialty and niche than it is simply list everything you do and everybody you help. How? Emphasize who you help and what results you help them get more than your credentials and accomplishments. Counter-intuitively make your profile more about your target audience than about you and your response will be "Eureka! I found someone who can help me!"

Strategy #6: Sell your program, not sessions
While our goal for participation in YourTango Experts might be to get hired by a client, think about what your potential clients want. Do they want to hire an expert by the hour? Not really. Do they want solutions and results? Yes! How can we make our intangible services more concrete and attractive to our potential clients? We talk, listen, counsel, coach, give advice, empower, etc…. none of which is concrete and tangible.

The answer is to design a "program" for your target audience. A program has a name that addresses its target audience's desired outcome, has structure, tangible results and benefits. Your target audience will find your profile, see your program and respond "Eureka! This is just what I need!"

Strategy #7: Prospects precede clients
Long ago I mistakenly assumed that marketing created clients. Then one day, after an embarrassingly expensive marketing campaign that bombed, I realized "You can market until the cows come home and not get any clients!" I finally understood that the successful outcome of marketing is to attract prospects; then I must connect and enroll them to become clients. YourTango provides many effective tools for generating prospects- your articles, your profile, success stories, ProFinder, your own store for your books and products you recommend.

Ask yourself how you can use those tools to motivate YourTango visitors to contact you using Strategies #1-#6 above. Then, turn the tables and contact prospects directly. How? Simply click "Answer Questions" under Expert Tools and you'll find many, many real people needing your help. To save time and maximize your results, respond to the questions that fall within your specialty that appear to be asked by people that fit your target audience. "Eureka! I've found a gold mine of potential clients! Thanks YourTango!"

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