How To Get More Clients With YourTango Experts

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How To Get More Clients With YourTango Experts
Creating a “Eureka!” experience using the YourTango Expert’s platform

The miracle questions everyone asks online marketing professionals usually surround the issues of finding clients and making your marketing dollars work. With all of the options available, what is the best use of your time, energy and funds and WHO should you partner with?

For helping professionals, YourTango Experts is a powerful platform for reaching potential clients hungry to benefit from your expertise. If you’re curious about how to get more clients, the answer is simple. The secret is to create a "Eureka!" response from the people who need your help.

As in, "Eureka! I found the answer to my prayers!" and "Here's the solution to my biggest problem!"

How do you elicit a Eureka! response? To do so, you need a tool; a powerful platform that will help you do three very specific things at once:

Put the right information…. in front of the right person… at the right time.

By creating the natural connections between you as the Expert and clients in need, the tide begins to turn and clients begin to find you as opposed to you searching for them.

Here are seven strategies for how to get more clients with YourTango Experts:

Strategy #1: Specialize
People trust experts that clearly declare a specialty in their particular area of need. Effective marketing promotes a specific service. Your specialty is what you do as a professional; the more focused, the more specific, the better.

You can define your specialty by answering two easy questions:

  • What problems do you solve?
  • What do you help people accomplish?

YourTango is a marketing tool that will significantly raise your visibility and credibility if you focus on the specialty you most want to be recognized in as an expert. By doing this you will attract potential clients who will shout "Eureka, you have the exact solutions I need!" when they find you.

Strategy #2: Target a niche
You will most often get a "Eureka!" response when YourTango visitors feel strongly understood by you as you help them understand themselves as no-one else has before. A niche is an identifiable group of people that you choose to serve.

Your specialty is what you do and your niche is who you help.

You will find more clients when you focus upon a niche and demonstrate your understanding of that niche through your articles, profile and other marketing material.  By showing that you genuinely know them from the inside out, your credibility rises. You know what problems they have, what obstacles they experience and what language they use to describe their needs. You learn their deepest desires and fears; you discover what gives them hope and inspiration and what strategies work best for them. When you clearly communicate your deep understanding and commitment to your clients, they are left feeling, "Eureka, you understand me better than I understand myself!"

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