How To Make Money With Your Blog: Math For Coaches


How To Make Money With Your Blog: Math For Coaches
10 Free or Nearly Free Marketing Ideas

"I met a relationship coach who is making $20,000 per month." Jenni said triumphantly.

"Are you sure?" I said, head cocked to one side and eyebrow raised.


"Well, that's what she said." she replied, her spirit a little wilted.

"How are YOU doing with your online business?" I wondered.

"Not very well. I have tried the best I can. I send out great emails and have wonderful classes but only 10 to 20 people sign up. I can't keep myself afloat with so few students!"

"How big is your email list?"

"632, three more opt ins yesterday and my open rate is 35%!" Triumph back in her voice, Jenni continued, "People love my work, they tell me that all the time."

Sound familiar? If you are like Jenni and you are unhappy with 20 buyers out of a list of 632, you need a mathitude adjustment. According to the Universal Law of Distribution (just as true as the Law of Attraction and the Law of Gravity) you can expect 2% of your group to leap into action.

To spare you a run for your calculator, 2% of 632 is....drum roll....12.64. That would mean that if you did indeed book 20 people in a are ahead of the curve.

If you need 20 students a week to survive, you don't need more registrations, you need a bigger pond to fish in. Creating a good looking, interesting and easy to navigate blog will draw attention to you and your topic.  That is a good thing.

That is how you make money with your blog. Google loves blogs. New clients/readers/customers find you as your blog presence grows and shows off your expertise.  The more people revolving around you, the more likely you will sell goods and services.

If your marketing budget is non-existent, I feel for you.  But, no money is no excuse. You have time and with time you can invest in yourself.  I built my platform myself and have active revenue streams on two blogs. If you are ready to focus and get serious, these grass roots marketing steps will help you make money.

I didn't tell you the rest of Jenni's story. An internet PR guy told her that until her email list was 12,000 strong, he couldn't help her. 

If you are reading this article, you are here on Your Tango--the world's hottest relationship article marketing site. The media scour YT expert columnists for interviews, TV appearances and opinion pieces. If you write for Your Tango, you have immediate credibility and respect.

Ready for action? I hope so. To be successful you have to establish your expertise (build your platform). Here are 10 Grass Roots Marketing steps that will cost you next to nothing and get you tangible results:

1. When possible, choose a sexy angle to focus on. Sex sells but clever sex sells even better. You might be able to create a cool alliance with Ande Lyons at Inviting guest bloggers is a brilliant way to bring yourself to another woman's audience. Check out what Rosie Battista guested on Heidi Lee Munson's blog.

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