Growing Your E-Mail List


Growing Your E-Mail List
It’s a numbers game and the number is 2%. Your success depends on how you look at that magical 2%.

5. Never, never, NEVER give up. Thanks Winston Churchill! You can crack the success code of making money online and creating a service that heals, inspires and coaches people into better lives. Find mentors who are succeeding and watch what they do. One warning....

There are countless coaching programs for sale out there. Be exceedingly mindful when making your choice. Whatever promises they make, remember, they are successfully marketing themselves and they have an agenda.


Is it bad that they have an agenda? Of course not but it can be hard to see the wolves amongst the sheep. There is a super simple fix for this. If any coach, mentor or teacher makes BIG promises to you, simply ask for references.

Ask directly for names and email addresses from people who have already achieved the promised results. If your prospective coach is truly a success, he or she will gladly give you the info you are looking for. 

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