Growing Your E-Mail List


Growing Your E-Mail List
It’s a numbers game and the number is 2%. Your success depends on how you look at that magical 2%.

“We will be promoting your information to thousands of potential customers.”

“Your coaching techniques are exactly what we are looking for.”


“Do you have a product you can offer with a value of $47?”

“Are you willing to send a solo email to your email list?”

The phone interview was going well. Being a part of a major promotional event like this is a thrill and I was excited to be a part of it.

“Oh, by the way, how big is your email list?”


Flustered, I fumbled a bit before answering. “My combined list is 1, of today at 9 am.”

The young woman on the phone fumbled herself as she tried to graciously withdraw her invitation to participate in her event. I felt kind of bad for her. She could have saved us both a lot of time and trouble if she would have asked that last question first.

Why are the numbers so important? And why do heart based business owners struggle so much when it comes to realistic expectations?

Seasoned online pros know the truth. No matter which way you stack it, only a spare 2% of your list is likely to respond to your offers.


Most large promotions have a 10,000 minimum for participation. They are not being meanies. They are not prejudiced against small operators. They are simply realistic.

Let me show you.

With a list of 2000, offering a $47 product as a part of a giant promotion you could expect 40 sales. Splitting the profit with the hosts of the program nets you both $940.

With a list of 10,000, that same offering would result in 200 sales. Splitting the profit wins both host and you $4700. Can you see how your itty bitty list doesn’t thrill them?

Nothing personal, it is just a numbers game.

What does that mean for you, owner of an teeny tiny email list?

1. Be realistic. When you make earning projections, always do the math. Multiply your list by the 2% and plan from there.

2. Build your list. Stay focused on your end game. If you want to be a major player online, you need a five figure list. Do your due diligence. Research and study people who are making it big and emulate them.

3. Serve your current community. Remember when people opt in to your list, you must stay in seduction mode. Seduction is what got them to sign up for your information in the first place. That is what savvy copywriting is all about. Click here for free online copywriting info.

4. Collect a list building community. You are not the only one with a tiny list. You no doubt know several up and comers who ARE interested in partnering with you. I am starting a new list for Your Blog Angel and I am not at 1000 yet, as a matter of fact, I am not up to 500. If you want to collaborate on a list building project, just let me know!

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