Women Who Lust


Women Who Lust
Q&A with writer, Rachel Kramer Bussel,on the juicy details on her new anthology, Women in Lust

 YS: Can you tell say a little bit about why it is important for people to read erotica. Enlighten us will you.

RKB: Reading erotica can help you explore fantasies you either already have or may spark fantasies or simply be used as erotic entertainment. I find that I vividly remember erotic stories I've read and sometimes they come back to me at random moments. Erotica can open your brain, your biggest sex organ, to scenarios that intrigue you and one thing I love about writing erotic fiction is that I get to experience the points of view of so many different types of characters. Because it's fiction, I think there's an element to it that eases readers into the idea of appreciating a given type of story. It's not about wanting to live out the character's fantasy per se (though it might be) but about enjoying it vicariously and, especially with anthologies, appreciating the variety and vastness of our desires. Most of all it's about seeing the motivations for those desires, which I hope does have a ripple effect in people's personal lives and makes them realize that fantasies are wonderful and powerful. I'd love to see readers of erotica becoming writers, whether for themselves in a journal, for a lover, or in print, if they're so inclined. Erotica is a gateway to…well, I can't exactly define what it's a gateway to, but it's definitely a major way of seeing new sexual worlds, all from the privacy of your own bed.

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