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Got, Sex Tape?


There is something very scandalous and sexy about the thought of making a sex tape with your boo.

There is something very scandalous and sexy about the thought of making a sex tape with your boo. You and your partner have amazing hot sex, and it turns you on at the thought of being able to watch it. After all, there is an inner porn star in all of us just ready to bust out. However, there are some pros and cons to think about when documenting your steamy lovemaking sessions.

You are in a loving relationship that you want to document so that you can see what it looks like when you make mad, passionate love. Since you have never felt like this before about anyone, there is no reason why you should not make a sex video. A video would be the perfect gift for your partner. The two of you talk and decide who gets to keep the tape, and know that it is in a secure place that you both agree upon.

The hot and loving relationship becomes the breakup of the year! To exact revenge, your ex leaks this top-secret video and makes you a hot Internet amateur porn star. We have learned a lot by watching celebrity after celebrity be publicly embarrassed about the sex tapes that they make. Most of them, besides Pam Anderson and Tommy Lee, should be embarrassed because the tapes are nothing to rave about or applaud. Even when these Hollywood stars go to court to stop the tape from leaking, it usually magically turns up online for everyone to watch. Do you really want a tape of you online, butt naked with a dildo in your mouth on your hands and knees?

You love talking about making a hot X-rated video. You know what lingerie you are going to wear right down to the itty-bitty thong. You find yourself practicing all the hot things you are going to say to your lover while you make this video. You are going to throw down like never before.

You decide that making the video is really not for you, right as you are about to make it. If this happens, know that it is okay to stop the production. It’s always okay if you change your mind. Both of you should be comfortable about making this video. If one of you is not, there should be a mature conversation afterwards that involves no pressure.

You are ready to practice all the moves you have learned from watching porn stars. You know that you can do everything far better than they can. As a matter of fact, if you wanted, you could be the top porn star in the business because you have the skills.

You make the video only to find out that you look absolutely ridiculous, which now makes you more self-conscious than ever with your partner. You start to critique your body in ways you have never done in the past. If the two of you have a good sense of humor, it could be fun to watch the blunders and boopers. It’s also fun to do different takes, the more relaxed you are, the hotter your video will be.

Making a sex video can be an amazing experience when you do it with someone who you love and trust. If you do decide to star in your own sex video, the main thing to remember is to have mutual respect. The issue is really about how the tape is handled and what happens in case the two of you decide to part ways. Remember that you can always use masks, besides giving the video some kink, there is no surefire way to tell if it is really you.

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