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What Your Man Secretly Wants In Bed

what your man secretly wants in bed

21 Days To An Even Better Sex Life — Challenge #2: Know what he craves — and fulfill him.

Part 2: Six Sexy Secrets For Burning Up The Sheets!

Written by John Beiter

What do men secretly want in bed? I have documented proof from a sexual preference survey — taken by more than 50,000 people — that a majority of men (82%) prefer adventure in the bedroom. This statistic alone confirms that men like more of what is unknown than known from their partners. Some of the secrets that a man enjoys are:

  • Visual surprises: Show up in sexy lingerie that he has not seen before — or in a soaking wet white t-shirt with tattered panties, revealing just enough to stoke the imagination and invoke sexual action.
  • 'Sexting': Some men enjoy receiving unsolicited erotic pictures of their mates on their mobile devices when they're away, as a way to stoke the fires of desire.
  • Playful teasing: Catch your man completely off guard; hold off on intercourse for a while as a way to fuel and escalate desire.
  • Light bondage: Some men prefer to be blindfolded and caressed on their naked bodies with different tactile stimuli, like fabrics, liquids, fingers and lips.
  • Full-body massages: Giving or receiving a rubdown with oil while either reading or listening to erotically stimulating stories has been a secret desire of many to sexually charge the situation.
  • Submission: Even though many men profess to want to be seen as the dominant partner, many men secretly long for their partner to take charge and order them around sexually. This can involve the extreme to be physically restrained and completely exposed for their partner's pleasure. Unlike Christian in Fifty Shades of Grey, these men like to have someone else take charge and tell them what to do — especially sexually! One dominatrix told me she sees many CEOs and doctors who seek out her specialty of testing the limits of one's sexual subservience.

Check back every day at 21 Days To A Better Sex Life — and tell us, what's your secret to a smokin' hot sex life?


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