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12 Step Program for Negative Thinkers (EXPERT)

12 STEP PROGRAM FOR NEGATIVE THINKERS 1.  I admit I have power over Negative Thoughts and that these Negative Thoughts make me feel awful. 2.  I believe that a Power Greater Than Myself can help me be more positive. I want to believe this because I really need help here. 3.  I make a ...

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Use Your Mind To Attract Your Perfect Partner (EXPERT)

For some women finding the man of their dreams can be a life long, frustrating, endeavor.  One of my closest friends, who happens to also be an amazingly positive person, finally  found her perfect partner. She went through four husbands before she found Robert when she was 49 ...

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Practice Positive Thinking (EXPERT)

I'm extremely lazy when it comes to certain areas of my life. For example, I'll spend loads of time going to workshops, learning, and studying in my field, but won't bother to take the time to match my socks. I'm so lazy that one day I bought 12 pairs of identical socks so I didn't have ...

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3 Warning Signs He's Not The Right Guy (EXPERT)

There is a reason that people say "love is blind", but you don't have to be unaware of the signals that tell you that it's time to move on. It's really wonderful to meet a man who is attractive, gracious, and makes you laugh, isn't it? You get that warm feeling when you are with ...

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12 Step Program for Negative Thinkers (EXPERT)

You can become a Positive Thinker! Start here.


Use Your Mind To Attract Your Perfect Partner (EXPERT)

If you think that it's easy to find the right guy for you, then it will be.


Practice Positive Thinking (EXPERT)

Choose Your Thoughts and Be More Positive.


3 Warning Signs He's Not The Right Guy (EXPERT)

Ignore these signs and you could waste years.

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